Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-05 (Episode 09)

This episode is the cure for that post Valentine’s Day hangover! Hopefully each and every one of you received a large helping of interconnectedness with another person with whom you share something more than a physical connection and gave the same energy in return this past weekend! This episode deals with all of the relevant human emotions that occupy our lives 365 days of the year, including love, the loss of love, and points in between. I’m talking about energy i.e. emotions as a force. Note – “The Last Undertaker” fits within with this theory – as a transition – get on the next plane to receive a sweaty hug! Emotions drive physical forces and music should elicit emotional responses – echoes of your own experience. So, if you connect you can assess your own emotional experience in context of someone’s artistic expression of that emotion. This is emotional virtual reality! While you may have a Valentine’s Day hangover there should be no love hangover …

Here is what you’ll find in Episode # 09:

  1. Dear Rouge – “October Second” (Black To Gold)
  2. Civil War Rust – “Photographs” (Help Wanted)
  3. Motion City Soundtrack – “Anything At All” (Panic Station)
  4. Electric Love – “Young and Free” (Heroine)
  5. What’s Eating Gilbert – “Bad Mood” (That New Sound You’re Looking For)
  6. Harriet – “Bring Me When You Go” (American Appetite)
  7. Air Waves – “Sweet Talk” (Parting Glances)
  8. Pop. 1280 – “The Last Undertaker” (Paradise)
  9. The Dollyrots – “Sweaty Hug My Love” (Mamas Gonna Knock You Out EP)
  10. Matt Skiba And The Sekrets – “Way Bakk When” (KUTS)
  11. Savants – “Death, Rattle, & Roll” (Savants)
  12. Vamos – “Spiderbait” (Spiderbait)
  13. Warn The Duke – “The Way We Live Now” (Ghosts Be Gone)
  14. Waste Of Mind – “Stumble And Fall) (Come Out Swinging)
  15. Wolf Alice – “Nosedive” (Love Is Cool (Deluxe Edition))

We are young and we are free to be exactly who we want to be…until we compromise. Stay cool.


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