Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-08 (Episode 12)

As I was putting the episode together this week, I noted that my internal tension must be high as the list of songs for this episode contains a combination of angry, funny, and foreign punk rock songs hinting that there must be some unresolved internal conflict. Hmmm … This episode is definitely loud…oh wait …maybe the tension is from the circus that is the current presidential race. This presidential season is shaping up to be the most interesting race in the history of the presidency. Although the race appears to be a tragicomedy – this perception is entirely the creation of a wildly out of control population of retarded clowns casting themselves as the “news media.” We (using “we” in the royal sense here) have long since passed the time when news was reported truthfully, without conscious bias, and without concerted effort to influence the outcome of an election. Truly a shame that so little time of this presidential election season is spent on each candidates policy positions on the numerous “big” issues that will impact each and every one of us (for at least the next 4 years) – foreign policy, domestic spending, education, health care, immigration? WTF? Is an educated electorate too much to ask for?

Well at least the music will be good.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode # 12:

  1. Courtney Barnet – “Three Packs A Day” (from Good for You A Milk Records Compilation)
  2. Adelitas Way – “Bad Reputation” (Getaway)
  3. The Zolas – “Swooner” (Swooner)
  4. Pyrite Sidewalk – “True Love” (Under the Influence EP)
  5. The All Brights – “Hell on A Surfboard” (…Are Wild For a Night EP)
  6. The Muddies – “Don’t Touch Your Dick with the Chili Hands” (First Blood)
  7. Sleep On It – “Bright” (Safe Again EP)
  8. Freak Wave – “Threat? What Threat? (Don’t Let Me Down)
  9. The Scenes – “Absolution, Please” (Sex Drugs and Modern Art)
  10. Anti-Flag – “Kill the Rich” (Cease Fire)
  11. The Flux Machine – “Love and Affection” (Louder!)
  12. Modern Space – “Little Lies” (Before Sunrise)
  13. HXLT – “Down” (HXLT)
  14. The She’s – “Save Me” (She’ll Be Fine)
  15. Shit Present – “Melbourne” (Shit Present EP)

After you kill the rich … you’ll need some love and affection. Finally, I leave you with these words of wisdom…don’t touch your dick with the chili hands.


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