Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-11 (Episode 15)

I found out yesterday from POTUS that the U.S. and Cuba are no longer enemies. I am not sure that if I was Cuban and had fled in order to survive a cruel dictator that it would be so easy to put aside more than 50 years of human rights abuses by that dictator by their own people in order to squelch dissent.

As I am writing this introduction to Episode 15 the news program I am watching, with the sound down, is reporting another deadly terror-inducing attack on innocent persons. Belgium news is reporting that at least 30 persons were killed and approximately 230 wounded while the President is about to attend a baseball game in Cuba. Who would have ever thought there would be a time when Cuba was safer than the city of Brussels, the home of NATO and the capital of the European Union? It is a surely a twisted world when a few isolated nut-jobs have the ability to terrorize the world just because they have decided they can. Even more disturbing is that their actions are morally indefensible, reprehensible, and inconsistent with all morality and yet these nut-jobs persist with their misguided rhetoric which boils down to it is the will of their God – nonsense. Crazy f#^#!!ers. I should probably not write these introductions with a view of the news.

Notwithstanding this sad mood intruder, Episode 15 is all over the map sonically. Musically it is all good! The genre hopping in this episode is truly diverse from pop to indie folk to garage to straight up pop punk and punk rawk! Hopefully, you will utilize the tunes in this podcast in the manner with which they are intended: to infuse a little joy in your life and give you a short break (lasting about one hour) from the fray.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #15:

  1. Frankie Cosmos – “Floated In” (Next Thing)
  2. Miner – “Running With the Wolves” (Tuanaki)
  3. My Robot Friend – “I’m Not a Young Man” (Open the Book)
  4. Hotel Lights – “Sky High” (Get Your Hand in My Hand)
  5. City Mouth – “Every Single Word” (City Mouth)
  6. Brian Fallon – “Honey Magnolia” (Painkillers)
  7. DMA’s – “The Switch” (Hills End)
  8. Holy Esque – “Rose” (At Hope’s Ravine)
  9. Let Yourself Go – “She Could’ve Sank The Titanic (feat. Trystan Lance)” (The Soundtrack of the Year)
  10. Postcards – “Nineteen Cigarettes” (Are You Happy? EP)
  11. Magic Wands – “Love Soldier” (Jupiter)
  12. Dead Cannons – “Dance Mask” (Nothing Does until It Is)
  13. Moving Parts – “Control Party” (Set)
  14. Run River North – “Ghost” (Drinking From a Salt Pond)
  15. La Sera – “Take My Heart” (Music for Listening To Music To)

So there’s a monster on each one of my shoulders … and at night they come out to play….you’re just a snake taking paths no one else can take.



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