Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-26 (Episode 30)

Episode 30 of Tales from the Dropbox is fraught with peril, much like BREXIT appears to portend the breakup of the EU. So, why did England vote to leave the EU? Most commentators believe that the issue boils down to the perception that England’s borders where threatened by migrants who would take jobs from the locals. See for example, Why Immigration Pushed Britons to Brexit, A Lesson From ‘Brexit’: On Immigration, Feelings Trump Facts where the authors argue that not only were Britons warned about the economic risks of leaving the EU that the warnings were ignored because they cared about something more: immigration.

The EU was created in 1993 with the signing of the Treaty on European Union, commonly referred to as the Maastricht Treaty, in order to prevent war following two world wars in rapid succession arising from the European continent, to bring political unity, and for economic integration. The Leave campaign highlighted the fear of mass migration into England and played into the hands of anti-immigrant hate groups and the poor working class who have blamed economic struggles on immigrants although that is not factually accurate.

Even though almost all of the research shows that immigration is good for the economy, the fear of immigration is real. If we examine this hot button issue in our own country, immigration can be summed up as an unrealized potential harm: what if “they” take my job? Although the possibilities of job loss are remote, the logical fallacy boils down to: immigrants take jobs from citizens and therefore we should restrict entry of them into our country. Taken to new heights by one presidential candidate, the immigrant debate has changed markedly and not for the better: No longer should citizens be worried that immigrants are taking our jobs, but a certain segment of that immigrant population – Muslims – may also be terrorists and therefore they should be excluded from travel to the U.S. because of that very remote and highly improbable possibility.

Although mountains of research support two conclusions: immigrants are good for local economies, and only a very microscopic number of Muslims are terrorists, the truth is apparently irrelevant to the electorate.

So, as we head into the November election, we should try to take a rational look at immigration policy reform based upon data and then implement policy that promotes the best interest of the nation. The struggle for comprehensive immigration reform, given the President’s failure to implement a stopgap to removals through executive action (See United States v. Texas, 579 U.S. ___ (2016) (constitutionality of the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program)), will be difficult if we cannot convince our elected representatives that immigration is not a political issue but rather immigration is a significant social policy issue of great importance to all of this country’s citizens.

As suggested by the American Immigration Council basic reforms to immigration policy would:

  1. Creat[e] a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants that is fair but feasible.
  2. Ensur[e] that immigration policy supports families and American values.
  3. Ensur[e] that immigration enforcement enhances national security and community safety without undermining due-process protections.
  4. Ensur[e] that the legal immigration system is sufficiently robust to meet the needs of the American economy, does not put native-born workers at a disadvantage, and does not encourage new waves of illegal immigration when job demand is high.
  5. [Support a] [l]ong-term commitment to citizenship.

All of these proposals seem to be logical, but yet, like gun control, there is absolutely no movement towards reform.Fu @%$!!!.

So, as you listen to Episode 30, think about all of the immigrants to this country you know and how your life would change if they were not in your life.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #30:

  1. Weaves – “Shithole” (Weaves)
  2. Augustines – “When Things Fall Apart” (This Is Your Life)
  3. Islands – “Fear” (Should I Remain Here At Sea?)
  4. Pretty City – “Leave It Alone” (Colorize)
  5. Bombay – “Gold Rush” (Show Your Teeth)
  6. Fews – “If Things Go On Like This” (Means)
  7. Hot Hot Heat – “Kid Who Stays In The Picture” (Hot Hot Heat)
  8. Dope Lemon – “Marinade” (Honey Bones)
  9. The Living End – “Keep on Running” (Shift)
  10. Horsebeach – “It’s Alright” (II)
  11. Sherwood – “Little Bit Better” (Some Things Never Leave You)
  12. Noisemaker – “Butterfly” (Roar)
  13. Birthday Noose – “Walk Without You” (Noosifer)
  14. The Gotobeds – “Real Maths//Too Much” (Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic)
  15. case/lang/viers – “Delirium” (case/lang/viers)

Some days are day dreams some days are sun beams … standing still life rolls on …all will be okay my friend


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