Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-26 (Episode 80)

Harder, faster. As promised, Tales From the Dropbox Episode 80 brings you a pretty fun-filled, fast past hour of punk rock. What I truly find interesting is that the genre is far from stale after 40 years. You’ll know one track in this episode for certain, but I’ve included it to demonstrate the difference between 1977 and the state of the punk rawk nation now in 2017. In hindsight, “God Save The Queen” was not so menacing – it truly was just another pop song.

I do not have any tapes of my conversations with Jim Comey. . . or do I?


Here is what you’ll find in Episode #80:

  1. Gland – “The Velvet Glove of Self Love” (Is A Conspiracy EP)
  2. Loom – “Barbed Wire” (Loom)
  3. Face to Face  “Say What You Want” (Say What You Want (7’’ single))
  4. Cyanide Pills – “Razorblade” (Sliced and Diced)
  5. Tigers Jaw – “Blurry Vision” (spin)
  6. Spill  “Can’t Keep Cool” (Every Drop Counts)
  7. Authority Zero  “Revolution Riot” (Broadcasting to the Nation)
  8. The Moans  “Date At The Haunted Mansion” (Arrested for Possession)
  9. The Putz – “Brain Dead” (Hole In One)
  10. Bad//Dreems – “Naden” (Dogs at Bay)
  11. Dion Lunadon – “Fire” (Dion Lunadon)
  12. Deez Nuts – “Commas & Zeros” (Binge & Purgatory)
  13. Rise Against – “Politics of Love” (Wolves)
  14. Sex Pistols – “ God Save The Queen” (Never Mind The Bollocks)
  15. The Total Bettys – “Light as a Feather” (Peach)

Wise up you’re not the only one who ever tried to make a difference, distrust filling up in us before we know it truth and lies go hand in glove . . . I should have said something to you


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