Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-28 (Episode 82)

Hope your July 4th was a good one if you are from the good old U.S.A, and if you’re from Canada then happy Canada Day! Bit of a gap between episodes, not for lack of trying though. As with most episodes of Tales From The Drop Box, the focus in Episode 82 is again on diversity of thought and sound with a primary objective to free your mind from the crush of the present.  In celebration of all that makes Canada and the United States unique in their expressions of independence, this episode has absolutely no theme, pattern, or structure. It is merely free.

Focus on the positive. Find your own freedom. Experience it. Enjoy.


Here is what you’ll find in Episode #82:

  1. Zola Blood – “Silhouette” (Infinite Games)
  2. Born Without Bones  “Takes Time” (Young At The Bend)
  3. Nicotine Nerves – “Skin Tight Shoes” (Nicotine Nerves EP)
  4. The Winter Passing – “Paper Rabbit” (Double Exposure)
  5. Harrisons  “Man of the Hour” (No Fighting in the War Room)
  6. White Reaper  “Party Next Door” (The World’s Best American Band)
  7. Young Pioneers  “High Again” (High Again)
  8. Ravonettes – Junko Ozawa” (2016 Atomized)
  9. Hollerado – “Better Than The Cure” (Born Yesterday)
  10. Future Islands – “North Star” (The Far Field)
  11. Daddy Issues – “I’m Not” (Deep Dream)
  12. Peter Hook And The Light – “The Drawback” (Unknown Pleasures – Live In Leeds Vol. 3)
  13. Miracle Legion – “You’re My Blessing” (Portrait of a Damaged Family)
  14. The Valentines – “Breakaway” (If You Love Me (Really Love Me) / Breakaway)
  15. Lola Marsh  “Wishing Girl” (Remember Roses)

I remember roses in the garden and my mother walking with her tray I was washing our car with my brother . . .  I’ve broken many promises but this one I would die to keep when I said I’d be there tomorrow beside you as you sleep.


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