About Tales From The Drop Box

Tales From The Drop Box started in 2010 as a private blog that compiled the notes from a drop box, so that you could quickly find information about releases that were discovered on a group of like minded friends music journey. So it is clear, this is a hypothetical drop box. The information here started as a list of recommendations for new releases that was initially shared amongst a few friends via a drop box. Hence, the name.

I try to upload various information and nuggets of interest relevant to what is going on with the artists in this drop box. For those who have been picking up the releases, the notes are designed to give you a brief capsule of what the artist sounds like, some brief background information, similar artists and of course, the songs that I liked from the release.

All of the releases mentioned here are widely available from various blogs, commercial enterprises, iTunes, and other artist friendly sites like BandCamp. Opinions are all mine, the other information may or may not be from somewhere or someone else.

For those who care: The header photo is The Replacements and the background photo is Stiff Little Fingers.

I appreciate comments, questions, and random thoughts, so feel free to make this more interactive.



XTC when they ( and I) were young.

3 thoughts on “About Tales From The Drop Box

  1. I finally got around to signing up for the WordPress account and checking out your comments. We were out of the apartment for a week (put up in a hotel by the rental company due to building issues) and missed the e-mail invitations.
    I’m also having issues with my computer and haven’t been checking in on the Dropbox as much as I’d like. I missed the Replacements EP but as luck would have it managed to buy a sealed vinyl copy from Zulu Records table at the Main Street Record Fair in Vancouver last month. Keep up the good work…..

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