California Elections on June 5, 2018 – Vote

This is going to be a little unusual post. If you have followed this blog for a while, then you’ll notice that I have largely backed off from discussing politics in this Trump era. The primary reason for dialing back my thoughts is that it makes me unhappy. That’s it. Why does it make me unhappy? The primary dominant political philosophy in the U.S.A. is division accomplished through the twin pillars of evil: lying and deceit.

NOTE: For the foreign and non-Californian readers who follow this blog for the music, just skip this post and wait for the next post which I assure you will have the next edition of Tales From The Drop Box. I have been off the radar for a few weeks as the job interferes with pleasure – musical pleasure.You can stop reading now. Have a great day!

Political discourse and political thought have a checkered past. America’s history books are filled with the bloody and tortured pathway to where we are now. However, in order to have a government “for and of the people”, its elected representatives have to believe that the primary function of a representative government is to represent all of the people. Government does not work when the elected representative believes that they were elected to represent only the people who voted for them. The duty seems clear i.e. to act in the best interest of the people. Reasonable minds can differ on how to accomplish that goal, but it seems to me that you can’t lie in performing your duties. We need to elect honest, ethical and intelligent individuals who care more about accomplishing the will of the people than their own individual agendas. You get the idea. Our nation should not be represented by some fucknut who lies via twitter to the people every day. But it is.

Politically, we have lost our collective soul. America is more about what divides us rather than what unites us. The trickle down effect of this proposition is that the divisiveness exists in our communities and in our local politics. If we are going to reestablish the ethical and moral integrity of our political system, an integrity lost when Trump was elected, then we all must vote.

Hence, we now arrive at the reason for this post. As you might have noticed if you are following the news at all, the rule of law is under attack. The very foundation of our democracy is premised on the idea that our nations laws must be respected. Without the rule of law, all we have is chaos. A fair, balanced and effective judicial system is vital to the people. Consequently, the election of judges in a community has important ramifications both inside and outside the courthouse. A community that believes that the judges are not fair or competent loses its respect for the rule of law. This must not happen. Local courts deal with millions of individuals each year in California. We need good judges.

So, for those of you who are in Los Angeles, each election cycle the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) evaluates the candidates for various judicial districts. These evaluations are, in my opinion, a fair and accurate guide to evaluating whether a particular judicial candidate is qualified for the responsibilities of the job. I practice in various courthouse throughout California but primarily in the Central District of Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles Superior Court system is the largest single unified trial court in the United States. The court has nearly 5,400 employees, operates nearly 600 courtrooms throughout the county, and has an annual budget of $850 million. There are approximately 2.7 million new cases each year:

  • 1.7 million traffic tickets
  • About 500,000 criminal cases
  • Nearly 120,000 family law cases
  • Over 150,000 civil lawsuits

Judicial case loads are very high. Qualified candidates need, among other things, a superior knowledge of the law but also and more importantly a good temperament.So how do you decide who you vote for when you see a list of judicial candidates on your ballot? LACBA evaluates judges from the perspective of the people who are going to likely see them more often than the average citizen i.e., the lawyers who are going to have to appear before them in courtrooms throughout the county.

Los Angeles needs good judges who respect the rule of law. Here are the latest evaluations:


Vote June 5th. It is very important to each and all of us.

I promise I’ll be back shortly with the music you’re all going to love!


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-10 (Episode 111)

Well, here is something awesome to listen to for your Saturday! Tales From The Drop Box Episode 111 is the logical companion to last week’s episode which, if you recall, was unusually pastoral. This episode is not. It is simply a brief episode filled with 15 loud, energetic, rockin’ tracks from recent memory that you’ve likely missed and truly should hear! It is all modern punk rock – so strap in, turn up loud, and then go buy some vinyl!

Happy Record Store Day!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #111:

  1. The Baboon Show – “Hit The Floor” (Radio Rebelde)
  2. Dwarves – “Dead In My Dreams” (Take Back The Night)
  3. Abductees – “Warning” (Dead Friends & Old Times)
  4. Bad Breeding – “The More The Merrier” (Divide)
  5. Canadian Rifle – “Sugar Daddy” (Peaceful Death)
  6. The Chats – “Smoko” (Get This In Ya)
  7. Down and Outs – “About Time” (Double Negative)
  8. American Nightmare – “American Death” (American Nightmare)
  9. Castro – “Living The Dream” (Infidelity)
  10. Not Available – “Shout It Out” (Grandpunks)
  11. Bleed American – “No Rush” (It Probably Isn’t)
  12. Story Of The Year – “Bang Bang” (Wolves)
  13. The Riptides – “Someone Just Like You” (Canadian Graffiti)
  14. Hüsker Dü – “Target” (Savage Young Dü)
  15. The Twindows – “Instigator” (Valkyrie 2.0)

So let me set the scene it’s 2 in the afternoon and 34 degrees the Queensland harsh summer heat had me sweating buckets up and down my street it was there I spotted the bloke . . . You’ve seen it all before you think it’s passé but you listen to the same fucking records every single day . . .


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-09 (Episode 110)

I am back with a new episode after a short break as the regular day job is keeping my pretty busy. However, I have also spent some quality time listening to new music. This episode should satisfy both regular listeners and any new listeners who might stumble upon this episode at some point with about an hour to spare listening to some terrific tunes. This episode is pretty pastoral and as you can probably tell from the track list below there is nothing related to Trump-Stormy-Syria-Cohen or politics. There is also one track by Liam Gallagher, former singer from Oasis who put out surprisingly excellent album towards the end of last year. There is one song that has the F-word in the title and several uses in the song, but I believe at this point in our democracy, nothing is shocking (Jane’s Addiction reference!)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 110 is a mellow but truly sweet and the tracks cover a broader musical range – collecting a few tracks from last year with some newish released tracks. Every once in a while, throwing a change-up to the lineup is good. A couple of gems in here for sure. I had never heard the Archive track before and it is from an album that originally came out in 2004. The throwback isn’t really from that far back either as Anti-Flag released “We’ve Got His Gun” on the first A-F Records LP back in 1998.

So, sit back, crank it up, and enjoy …. until we meet again.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #110:

  1. Soccer Mommy – “Last Girl” (Clean)
  2. Splashh – “Closer” (Waiting A Lifetime)
  3. Pale Lights – “Mother Cries” (The Stars Seemed Brighter)
  4. Vundabar – “Acetone” (Smell Smoke)
  5. Young Statues – “Redmouth” (Amarillo)
  6. Lost Film – “I Forget” (Broken Spectre)
  7. Liam Gallagher – “I Never Wanna Be like You” (As You Were)
  8. Archive – “Fuck U” (Noise)
  9. Dirty Fences – “Blue Screen” (Goodbye Love)
  10. Hurry – “Read Between The Lines” (Every Little Thought)
  11. Frigs – “Chest” (Basic Behavior)
  12. Voidz – “Pyramid Of Bones” (Virtue)
  13. Stephen Clair And The Pushbacks – “Typing Tipsy” (Push Back)
  14. Anti-Flag – “We’ve Got His Gun” (The System Doesn’t Work For You)
  15. Blush – “Baby Don’t Blush” (Blush)

Dad keeps a gun in the drawer in his room my best friend is coming over to play
yeah yeah we’ve got his gun . . . There’s a look on your face I would like to knock out see the sin in your grin and the shape of your mouth all I want is to see you in terrible pain . . .


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-08 (Episode 109)

It seems to me at least that there are an awful lot of Australian rock bands that are so freakin’ good. I am not sure exactly when Australia’s full on takeover of rock and roll took place, but it is clear that the United States is seriously lacking in good time party rockin’ garage smokin’ freaky psychedelic leanin’ indie poppin’ bands. Whew…as you can perhaps tell from that introduction that I firmly believe there is some heat emanating from Aussie land. I am simply blown away by how consistently good the stuff coming out of Australia sounds. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 109 is going to bring you several of these lesser known but vitally important bands from that territory. Don’t worry that this is going to change the overall feel of the episode. It won’t. Still a mix of the best new(ish) stuff that I’ve been listening too and think you should as well.

On another note, the idiot in the Whitehouse is wasting taxpayers money, again, by sending troops to guard the Mexican border. When will it all just stop? It’s madness and it’s become the new normal.

So, sit back, play loud, and let it all swing…

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #109:

  1. Fresh – “Get Bent” (Fresh)
  2. Painted Doll – “Hidden Hand” (Painted Doll)
  3. Acid Dad – “Mistress” (Acid Dad)
  4. Funeral Shakes – “Lovebirds” (Funeral Shakes)
  5. The New Trust – “Heartbreaker” (Upset The Tides)
  6. Chemtrails – “A Beautiful Cog In The Monolithic Death Machine” (Calf Of The Sacred Cow)
  7. Templeton Pek – “Black Hearts” (Watching The World Come Undone)
  8. Deafcult – ““Summertime” (Auras)
  9. The Playbook – “Locked Away” (All I Am Is What You Left Behind)
  10. The Noise Figures – “Telepath” (Telepath)
  11. Hard Girl – “Running” (Floating Now)
  12. Lemon Clocks – “Do You Feel Alright?” (Songs From Another Time)
  13. Theo Lawrence & The Hearts – “Heaven To Me” (Homemade Lemonade)
  14. The Diodes – “Curiosity Girl” (Rarities)
  15. Julie & The Wrong Guys – “You Wanted What I Wanted” (Julie & The Wrong Guys)

And there are films I’ll never watch again I hear your laugh, inside it’s trapped I’ve locked away the better parts and thoughts of you . . . Oh, you lift me ‘bove the town then drag me underground and I wonder how yeah, on a lazy afternoon…


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-07 (Episode 108)

So what did I learn from Stormy Daniels interview with Anderson Cooper earlier this week? Well, I learned that there is a new fetish with only one practitioner – getting your butt spanked with a magazine having your face on the cover. Very presidential! As usual, I am excited to bring you Tales From The Drop Box Episode 108! This episode is a little more challenging than normal. Not sure why, perhaps my mood is influenced by witnessing chaos. Could have been Stormy. Who knows. What I do guarantee is that this episode will sneak up on you like a hurricane (big storm-y reference) with several tracks so catchy you’ll wake up in the middle of the night because you can’t get them out of your head.

So, in order to erase the image of Trump being spanked by Stormy, here is some food for thought on what is rapidly becoming a larger concern (at least to me) than the Trump Presidency:

Giant earthquakes are shaking Greenland — and scientists just figured out the disturbing reason why

Just one of many examples of why climate change deniers are dangerous. More stormy weather ahead….

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #108:

  1. Night Flowers – “Glow In The Dark” (Eleven Songs)
  2. Flatworms – “Question” (Flatworms)
  3. Albert Hammond Jr. – “Muted Beatings” (Francis Trouble)
  4. The LaFontaines – “Release the Hounds” (Common Problems)
  5. Haram – “Not A Terrorist” (When You Have Won, You Have Lost)
  6. Nerve Quakes – “Blood Money” (A New State)
  7. Coast Modern – “Going Down” (Coast Modern)
  8. Hookworms – “Boxing Day” (Microshift)
  9. Motion City Soundtrack – “Broken Heart (Acoustic)” (Even If It Kills (10th Anniversary Edition))
  10. Orielles – “Let Your Dog Tooth Grow” (Silver Dollar Moment)
  11. Super Best Friends Club – “Super Destruct” (Loveblows)
  12. Varvara – “Fly Far” (Go)
  13. Goldfinger – “See You Around” (The Knife)
  14. Pointed Sticks – “Real Thing” (Demo 1980)
  15. Big Surr – “Gone” (In Business)

Driving down this road I know so well street lights just came on sun stained sky horizon fell the Quick Check is long gone . . . I’ll start this broken heart I’ll fix it up so it will work again better than before then I’ll star in a mystery


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-06 (Episode 107)

I believe we are starting to build a little momentum with this show after a slow start to the year. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 107 is a nice extension to last week’s episode. There is a mix of some really new stuff missed with a touch of some tracks from last year that I somehow neglected to play when they were released. As all of them are not played on any radio station (that I know), they should sound fresh.I know that there is a temptation to find something “new” all of the time, but in our haste we truly do miss some gems that deserve to be heard. I believe this is an indirect consequence of the restricted playlists on radio. Radio playlists are designed to overplay selected tracks in the belief that you are tuning in to the station to hear those tracks. A consequence of the mindless repetition is that you become desperate to hear new music, so that anything new added sounds like a hit – not because the new song is in any manner innovative, interesting, etc. but because of that desperation for change.  This is why radio stations must eventually die. People now can select their own musical choices without fear of song burnout. Just like Tales From The Dropbox, eh?

I included a real treat for you in the last block of this show with two flashbacks – a Philadelphia Grand Jury track backed up by a Dils classic.

Finally, I am compelled to write about my own personal suffering and indignation over this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. For all of the chaos in the White House never did I anticipate that same chaos would reign in the tournament as well. I never thought a 1 seed would ever lose to a 16 seed. Virginia wrecked my brackets, so my various pool contributions became a donation. Brutal. I stopped watching the political news because I couldn’t stomach anymore Trump. Now I can’t watch basketball. I’m not sure what is left. So, I’m going to spend much more time listening to new music. Ahhhhh. .. that’s a plan! More music = more happiness.

In that spirit, drink your fill and enjoy more chaos!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #107:

  1. Pearl Charles – “Sleepless Dreamer” (Sleepless Dreamer)
  2. Dumb – “Every Dude I Know” (Less)
  3. Shame – “Gold Hole” (Songs of Praise)
  4. Afterpartees – Ultimate Worriers” (Life Is Easy)
  5. Tax The Heat – “My Headspace” (Change Your Position)
  6. The National Parks – “Lights In The City” (Places)
  7. Tim & The Boys – “Life” (Growing)
  8. Gallery 47 – “Political Difference” (Young World)
  9. Graham Coxon – “Lucifer Behind Me” (The End Of The F***ing World)
  10. Django Django – “Marble Skies” (Marble Skies)
  11. Naked Cameo – “Son House” (Of Two Minds)
  12. Paranoid Visions – “No Paseran (Are You Getting The Picture)” (Rebellion)
  13. Philadelphia Grand Jury – “Going To The Casino  (Tomorrow Night)” (Hope Is For The Hopeless)
  14. The Dils – “Class War” (Dils Dils Dils)
  15. Reptaliens – “29 Palms” (FM-2030)

I wanna war, between the rich and the poor I wanna fight and know what I’m fighting for . . . Going to the casino, tomorrow night what could possibly go wrong


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-05 (Episode 106)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 106. It is not only March madness for college basketball. There is also some madness in this episode of Tales From The Drop Box as well! This week you will find the tracks harder edged than last week’s episode, with some real heat from Black Mekon, Pounders, and CH3. It is not all loud punk rock so don’t be afraid – I also inserted several slow burners a long the way so you don’t get too sweaty and to keep things interesting. From past experience, you should know that these shows are consistently diverse with the common theme being the “sugar” i.e. the sweet hooks in each track that grab your attention (at least those hooks grab mine). This may be the only politically correct way left to grab another person even if you have their permission now.

On a completely different note, I have just realized that rock radio is dying a swift death. In many cases, long-standing rock stations are being replaced by Christian radio. Why the death of rock radio? Perhaps it is because people get tired of such closed playlists. This show started because I couldn’t take the same songs being played repeatedly for a decade or more. It doesn’t have to be all new stuff, just find something different to play. There are albums we love from the past that would be cool to hear songs played from on the radio. You know, like if you heard “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys played on the radio, I assure you that event would be noticed. Rock music deserves a place on radio. You will find the true home of rock in the spirit of independent podcast producers, such as yours truly. The trend is obvious – shows like Tales From The Dropbox will be the only source to hear and experience new rock music before you purchase. So, if you get a chance, help a brother out and give this podcast a rating on iTunes or from wherever you download this thing from. Also, if you are so inclined, please let me know what you are thinking, what you want to hear, or just to smack talk me a bit, by dropping me a line at, DM me on Instagram  @justforfunconcerts, or message me @jffconcerts on Twitter. I love hearing from you all.

So, control your temper with the soothing sounds of this episode!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #106:

  1. Dream Wife – “Let’s Make Out” (Dream Wife)
  2. Black Rebel Motorcycle – “Spook” (Wrong Creatures)
  3. Dirty Sidewalks – “Never Wanted To Be loved” (Bring Down The House Lights)
  4. Iron Chic – “Thunderbolts!” (You Can’t Stay Here)
  5. The Academic – “I feel It Too” (Tales From The Back Seat)
  6. Shopping – “Asking For A Friend” (The Official Body)
  7. The Defects – “Hunter Versus Hunter” (Feed The Good Dog)
  8. Black Mekon – “Janey Was A Klepto” (One In The Hate)
  9. Pounders – “Say What You Want” (Through The Fire)
  10. Black Pussy – “Girlfriend” (Power)
  11. Black Pistol Fire – “Lost Cause” (Deadbeat Graffiti)
  12. CH3 – “Model Citizen” (Put Em Up)
  13. Noi!se – “So I Drift Away” (The Scars We Hide)
  14. Replacements – “Kiss Me On The Bus” (For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986)
  15. Chrysta Bell – “52 Hz” (Chrysta Bell EP)

On the bus, that’s where we’re ridin’, on the bus, okay, don’t say hi, then your tongue, your transfer, your hand, your answer . . . waking up to start a fight you promised we’d be alright I don’t know which way we gotta turn…