Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-35 (Episode 89)

Okay, I am fully aware that the break was a little lengthy. It is not like I was being lazy. I somehow was trapped in an endless cycle of work that interfered with play. I think it is under control for now, so I am glad to be back!  Tales From The Drop Box Episode 89 is filled with the kind of stuff that should make you realize how much you missed me. That is, plenty of solid musical offerings that should have you wondering as to why you switched on the radio rather than going back and re-examining prior episodes of this fine show. In scanning the list, you’ll find that this is a slightly pop oriented version of the podcast. I haven’t changed the “format” because there really is none. I just felt like some cheering, that all. This episode also features some new tracks from earlier in the year. Don’t fear, no one else has played them, which is truly unfortunate because some of these are just killer. I think is good to go back in time and discover gems that you missed along the way. Sometimes a visit to the past makes us appreciate the present. Sometimes not….

That said, there are millions of people who can utilize your help, now. The devastating hurricanes directly affecting the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and the eastern United States, as well as the deadly earthquake in Mexico have left relief agencies in need of your assistance. So give: American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Now that you have donated and are feeling good about yourself, perhaps you should reward yourself with listen of this week’s episode and drop me a line telling me how much you love the music. Then, tell everyone that you know about this movement to broaden musical experiences by rejecting radio and its smothering soul crushing lack of variety. Tell everyone to listen to Tales From The Drop Box. Then tell them that if they free their asses their minds will follow.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #89:

  1. Cable Ties – “Paradise” (Cable Ties)
  2. Keaton Stromberg – “Won’t Give Up” (The Simple Life)
  3. Tall Ships – “ Will To Life” (Impressions)
  4. Hellbound Hearts – “We Are All Alone” (Film Noir)
  5. The Stevens – “Cruiser” (Good)
  6. Saint Etienne – “Out of My Mind” (Home Counties)
  7. Dan Auerbach – “King Of A One Horse Town (Waiting On A Song)
  8. Cende – “What I Want” (#1 Hit Single)
  9. The Technicolors – “Fall Off The Moon” (Metaphysical)
  10. Life – “Popular Music” (Popular Music)
  11. Guantanamo Baywatch – “Video” (Desert Center)
  12. Manchester Orchestra – “The Gold” (A Black Mile To The Surface)
  13. Brand New – “Waste” (Science Fiction)
  14. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – “Hot Wax” (Oddments)
  15. Beth Ditto – “In and Out” (Fake Sugar)

Everyday is just a little white lie telling myself I’m gettin’ by I just stay in this room and cry . . . My whole world wrapped in a smile I stuck around with my heart wide open