Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-06 (Episode 10)

There is at least one common denominator with this episode – it is musically fresh! Almost all of the tracks were released this month with only one from October 2015, and heck, Black Me Out released it from Rome, Italy. One track isn’t even released yet, just so we have balance. So, as I said it’s all fresh! Also, in this episode we ponder whether there is a link between success and a person’s music listening desires. That is, does your desire for new music (or lack of desire) signal your capacity for new challenges and consequently, could the level of your desire be an indicator of future success? Could it be those persons who actively seek out new sounds rather than let radio select their music selections (music passivity) correlate with enhanced intellectual curiosity and thereby increase one’s probability of personal success? Are those individuals with a strong musical curiosity more interesting people? I don’t have any of these answers, but I spend a ton of time thinking of stuff that has no answers….such as,  why do I continue to work? …. but fear not, one likely answer is at the end of this episode’s list…..

Here is what you’ll find in Episode # 10:

  1. Basia Bulat – “Long Goodbye” (Good Advice)
  2. The Cave Singers – “Strip Mine” (Banshee)
  3. The Crookes – “I Wanna Waste My Time With You” (Lucky Ones)
  4. The Wet Secrets – “Final Curtain Call For A Drama Queen” (I Can Live Forever)
  5. Losing Sleep – “Give Her Hell From Us” (Fear of Missing Out)
  6. Night Beats – “Right/Wrong” (Who Sold My Generation)
  7. New Desert Blues – “Dirt” (To Be My Own)
  8. Bent Shapes – “New Starts In Old Dominion” (Wolves of Want)
  9. Frights – “All I Need” (You Are Going To Hate This)
  10. Suede – “Outsiders” (Night Thoughts)
  11. Working For A Nuclear Free City – “Run” (What Do People Do All Day?)
  12. Two Inch Astronaut – “Good Behavior” (Personal Life)
  13. Hey Marseilles – “Eyes On You” (Hey Marseilles)
  14. Black Me Out – “Surfing On The Sun” ( No Way Out)
  15. The Prettiots – “Hope Yr Happy” (Funs Cool)


I wanna waste my time with you … because that is all I need.






Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-05 (Episode 09)

This episode is the cure for that post Valentine’s Day hangover! Hopefully each and every one of you received a large helping of interconnectedness with another person with whom you share something more than a physical connection and gave the same energy in return this past weekend! This episode deals with all of the relevant human emotions that occupy our lives 365 days of the year, including love, the loss of love, and points in between. I’m talking about energy i.e. emotions as a force. Note – “The Last Undertaker” fits within with this theory – as a transition – get on the next plane to receive a sweaty hug! Emotions drive physical forces and music should elicit emotional responses – echoes of your own experience. So, if you connect you can assess your own emotional experience in context of someone’s artistic expression of that emotion. This is emotional virtual reality! While you may have a Valentine’s Day hangover there should be no love hangover …

Here is what you’ll find in Episode # 09:

  1. Dear Rouge – “October Second” (Black To Gold)
  2. Civil War Rust – “Photographs” (Help Wanted)
  3. Motion City Soundtrack – “Anything At All” (Panic Station)
  4. Electric Love – “Young and Free” (Heroine)
  5. What’s Eating Gilbert – “Bad Mood” (That New Sound You’re Looking For)
  6. Harriet – “Bring Me When You Go” (American Appetite)
  7. Air Waves – “Sweet Talk” (Parting Glances)
  8. Pop. 1280 – “The Last Undertaker” (Paradise)
  9. The Dollyrots – “Sweaty Hug My Love” (Mamas Gonna Knock You Out EP)
  10. Matt Skiba And The Sekrets – “Way Bakk When” (KUTS)
  11. Savants – “Death, Rattle, & Roll” (Savants)
  12. Vamos – “Spiderbait” (Spiderbait)
  13. Warn The Duke – “The Way We Live Now” (Ghosts Be Gone)
  14. Waste Of Mind – “Stumble And Fall) (Come Out Swinging)
  15. Wolf Alice – “Nosedive” (Love Is Cool (Deluxe Edition))

We are young and we are free to be exactly who we want to be…until we compromise. Stay cool.


Dropbox Notes February 8, 2016

For those of you whom have patiently waited for a new list – well here it is! The first list of 2016! As you can see, the list includes a number of things from the podcast, plus a few extras that haven’t made it yet. I have also included a couple of reissues that every collection needs. As always, this list represents my opinion of the best new(ish) releases that are worth the time and trouble (and money) to locate and download or more preferable purchase the vinyl.

So, for your enjoyment…. Here is the list:

  1. Besnard Lakes – A Coliseum Complex Museum [2016]
  2. DIIV – Is the Is Are [2016]
  3. What’s Eating Gilbert – That New Sound You’re Looking For [2015]
  4. The I Don’t Cares – Wild Stab [2016]
  5. Savages – Adore Life [2016]
  6. Jungle Giants – Speakerzoid [2015]
  7. Daughter – Not to Disappear [2016]
  8. Grizfolk – Waking Up The Giants [2016]
  9. Hinds – Leave Me Alone [2016]
  10. Sea Pinks – Soft Days [2016]
  11. Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony [2016]
  12. Two Inch Astronaut – Personal Life [2016]
  13. Basement – Promise Everything [2016]
  14. Cheerleader – The Sunshine Of Your Youth [2015]
  15. Banners – Banners [2016]
  16. Danko Jones – Live At Wacken [2016]
  17. Dynamite Pussy Club – Shakedown
  18. Jezabels – Synthia [2016]
  19. Her – Tape #1 EP [2016]
  20. Ty Segall – Emotional Mugger [2016]
  21. Night Beats – Who Sold My Generation [2016]
  22. Last Shadow Puppets – Bad Habits [2016]
  23. Fat White Family – Songs For Our Mothers [2016]
  24. Dollyrots – Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out [2016]
  25. Teen – Little Doods [2015]
  26. Waters – Follow the Beam of Light [2016]
  27. Wild Nothing – Life of Pause [2016]
  28. The Cult – Hidden City [2016]
  29. Bloc Party – Hymns [Deluxe Edition] [2016]
  30. Eliza & The Delusionals – The Time Spent On The Inside EP [2016]
  31. Suede – Night Thoughts [2016]
  32. Mystery Jets – Curve Of The Earth [2016]
  33. Working for a Nuclear Free City – What Do People Do All Day [2016]
  34. Coffee Or Not – Everything Is Falling Down [2016]
  35. Battleme – Habitual Love Songs [2016]
  36. Harriet – American Appetite [2016]
  37. Cold Engines – Better Off Dead [2016]
  38. Spring Break – Beer Me [2015]
  39. David Bowie – Blackstar [2016]
  40. Death By Pleasure – No Stall Geek [2015]
  41. Milk Teeth – Vile Child [2016]
  42. Shearwater – Jet Plane and Oxbow [2016]
  43. St. Lucia – Matter [2016]
  44. Half Japanese – Perfect [2016]
  45. Chairlift – Moth [2016]
  46. Milk ‘N’ Cookies – Milk ‘N’ Cookies [Special Edition] [2016]
  47. Lush – Chorus (LUSH BOX 1) (Limited Edition) [5CD][2015]
  48. Jam – Fire and Skill [2015]
  49. Replacements – The Complete Studio Albums 1981-1990 (BOXSET) [8CD] [2015]
  50. Long Ryders – Final Wild Songs [2016]

Quite a bit to sample, so enjoy!


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-04

There is a slew of new music to slay you this in this episode. I have also located a couple of “stragglers” from 2015 that I found knocking about that I also think you’ll enjoy. Here is an idea of what you will hear in this episode 8 – some fast ones, some slow ones, some fuzzy ones, some blue ones, and at least one love song (and it is not the song that has love in the title although I like to spend time in the palace of love). Milk is mentioned twice in this episode. There are also three body parts noted at various points. Finally, I am curious about the social and psychological consequences of a drunk text that receives no reply from both the sender and the recipient perspectives. Well, I guess I’ll ponder those consequences for a bit. You should also probably ponder those consequences and perhaps you’ll have time to consider others while listening to this episode. Right?

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #8:

Episode 08 2016-02-08

  1. Milk Teeth – “Brain Food” (Vile Child)
  2. Battleme – “Shake Shake” (Habitual Love Songs)
  3. Together Pangea – “My Head Is On Too Tight (Phage EP)
  4. Better Off – “”This Day Will Never End” (Milk)
  5. Lusts – “Waves” (Illuminations)
  6. Blank Realm – Palace of Love (Illegals in Heaven)
  7. Sea Pinks – “Everything in Sight” (Soft Days)
  8. Ghosts – “Drunk Text (No Reply)” (Superstar)
  9. Ty Segall – “Diversion” (Emotional Mugger)
  10. Death By Pleasure – “What’s Wrong” (No Stall Greek)
  11. Bloc Party – “The Good News” (Hymns)
  12. Coffee or Not? – “May I Lay Down?” (Everything Is Falling Down)
  13. Basement – “Submission” (Promise Everything)
  14. Sunflower Bean – “Wall Watcher” (Human Ceremony)
  15. Citizens! – “All I Want Is You” (European Soul)

My head is on too tight so I’m going to go unscrew it a bit…