Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-06 (Episode 10)

There is at least one common denominator with this episode – it is musically fresh! Almost all of the tracks were released this month with only one from October 2015, and heck, Black Me Out released it from Rome, Italy. One track isn’t even released yet, just so we have balance. So, as I said it’s all fresh! Also, in this episode we ponder whether there is a link between success and a person’s music listening desires. That is, does your desire for new music (or lack of desire) signal your capacity for new challenges and consequently, could the level of your desire be an indicator of future success? Could it be those persons who actively seek out new sounds rather than let radio select their music selections (music passivity) correlate with enhanced intellectual curiosity and thereby increase one’s probability of personal success? Are those individuals with a strong musical curiosity more interesting people? I don’t have any of these answers, but I spend a ton of time thinking of stuff that has no answers….such as,  why do I continue to work? …. but fear not, one likely answer is at the end of this episode’s list…..

Here is what you’ll find in Episode # 10:

  1. Basia Bulat – “Long Goodbye” (Good Advice)
  2. The Cave Singers – “Strip Mine” (Banshee)
  3. The Crookes – “I Wanna Waste My Time With You” (Lucky Ones)
  4. The Wet Secrets – “Final Curtain Call For A Drama Queen” (I Can Live Forever)
  5. Losing Sleep – “Give Her Hell From Us” (Fear of Missing Out)
  6. Night Beats – “Right/Wrong” (Who Sold My Generation)
  7. New Desert Blues – “Dirt” (To Be My Own)
  8. Bent Shapes – “New Starts In Old Dominion” (Wolves of Want)
  9. Frights – “All I Need” (You Are Going To Hate This)
  10. Suede – “Outsiders” (Night Thoughts)
  11. Working For A Nuclear Free City – “Run” (What Do People Do All Day?)
  12. Two Inch Astronaut – “Good Behavior” (Personal Life)
  13. Hey Marseilles – “Eyes On You” (Hey Marseilles)
  14. Black Me Out – “Surfing On The Sun” ( No Way Out)
  15. The Prettiots – “Hope Yr Happy” (Funs Cool)


I wanna waste my time with you … because that is all I need.






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