Just For Fun Concerts EP 2015-04

I didn’t think I’d have the time but I found an hour to put together this last podcast for the year! As always, it’s an eclectic mix of stuff not found in the real world. Here is what you’ll find in Episode #4:

Playlist 2015-12-20 EP 04

  1. Sports – “Saturday” (All of Something)
  2. The Ocean Party – “Real Life” (Light Weight)
  3. Foxing – “The Magdalene” (Dealer)
  4. Banquets – “Stop Signs in a Ghost Town” (Spit At The Sun)
  5. The Garden – “Red Green Yellow” (Ha Ha)
  6. FIDLAR – “West Coast” (Too)
  7. Pool Party – “Freaking Out” (Number 1)
  8. Wavves – “Heavy Metal Detox” (V)
  9. Teenage Bottlerocket – “I Found The One” (Tales From Wyoming)
  10. Oh Mercy – “Sandy” (When We Talk About Love)
  11. El Vy – “Happiness, Missouri” (Return To The Moon)
  12. Tiger Lou – “Homecoming” (California Hauling)
  13. Dogs On Acid – “Flushed” (Dogs On Acid)
  14. Tenement – “Dull Joy” (Predatory Headlights)
  15. Captured Motivation – “Coast To Coast” (False Starts)

Have a great holiday and a happy new year and….
Let’s be safe out there.


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2015-03

Ah…Episode #3…and I’m in a pop mood as the holidays are rapidly approaching. Here’s a soundtrack for your shopping, partying, or just hanging around – either put the headphones in or play loud and just keep smiling!

Playlist 2015-12-13 EP 03:

  1. Looming – “Cotton Mouth” (Nailbiter)
  2. Mixtapes – “Bad Parts” (Ordinary Silence)
  3. San Cisco – “Run” (Gracetown)
  4. Scouting for Girls – “Still Thinking About You” (Still Thinking About You)
  5. Bad Veins – “Don’t Run” (The Mess Remade)
  6. Vaccines – “Handsome” (English Graffiti)
  7. Elwins – “Show Me How To Move” (Play For Keeps)
  8. Interpol – “Everything Is Wrong” (Spotify Sessions)
  9. Mal Blum – “Better Go” (You Look A lot Like Me)
  10. Moke – All That I Wanted (The Time Has Come)
  11. The Most Serene Republic – “Ontario Morning” (Mediac)
  12. Tellison – “Letter to the Team after Another Imperfect Season” (Hope Fading Nightly)
  13. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “In the Heat of the Moment” (Chasing Yesterdays)
  14. Ryan Adams – “Shake It Off” (1989)
  15. Velociraptor – “All You Need” (Velociraptor)

Until next time…I hope your holidays are joyous and next year is filled with much peace, love and happiness…

Peace out.


Just For Fun Concerts E 2015-02

See… that didn’t take long. Here is the Just For Fun Concerts Podcast episode #2! Here is what you’ll listen to in this episode:

Playlist 2015-12-08 EP 02
1. Bad Bad Hats – “Shame” (Psychic Reader)
2. Clarks – “I Want You Bad” (Rewind)
3. Damnwells – “The Girl That’s Not In love With You” (Damnwells)
4. Strypes – “Scumbag City” (Little Victories)
5. Bohicas – “Only You” (Bohicas)
6. Hinds – “Chili Town” (The Very Best Of Hinds EP)
7. Modern Baseball – “The Waterboy Returns” (MoBo Presents The perfect Cast EP)
8. Math The Band – “Not Gonna Fight” (Math The Band The Band The Album)
9. Big Dick – “Sick” (Disappointment)
10. Boy & Bear – Where’d You Go (Limit of Love)
11. Fuzz – “Pipe”
12. Knucklepuck – “In Your Crosshairs” (Copacetic)
13. Best Girl Athlete – “Hills” (Carve Every Word)
14. Clarks – “By The Way” (Rewind)
15. Transit – “Nothing Left To Lose” (Joyride)

As you can see, nothing short of @% spectacular! Full of bands few have heard – but I’m confident you will enjoy every song on this list!

Play loud!


Playlist Episode 2015-12-06 E 01

I promise things will get better….okay perhaps not…but I will certainly try to make it a less painful listen. So, here is the playlist for the first podcast:

Playlist 2015-12-06 EP 01:

  1. What’s Eating Gilbert – “You’re The Most” (The New Sound You’re Looking For)
  2. Menzingers – “Where Your Heartache Exists” (Rented World)
  3. Slaves – “The Hunter” (Are You Satisfied?)
  4. Beach Slang – “A Million Miles Away (Plimsouls)” (Here, I Made This For You EP)
  5. Bad Bad Hats – “Things We Never Say” (Psychic Reader)
  6. Beach Slang – “Too Late To Die Young” (The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us)
  7. Transit – “Rest To Get Better” (Joyride)
  8. Dinosaur Pile Up – “Friend of Mine” (Eleven Eleven)
  9. Teenage Bottlerocket – “I Found The One (Tales From Wyoming)

I will put up a new podcast shortly and I will also post the Tales From The Dropbox lists I missed posting oh…for the past 6 months. If you missed anything, please drop me a line!

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Peace out!