Tales From The Drop Box Episode 133 (2018-32)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 133 celebrates Christmas! Okay, so it doesn’t really. But it will put you in a good mood, particularly when you get to the Christmas block which begins with AFI’s Trash Bat and ends with the Dead Kennedy’s To Drunk to Fuck. Classic Christmas music. This will be my last episode for this year unless something special happens like I decide to throw together another episode for the new year. Perhaps not. So, for those of you who have listened this past year, I appreciate your thoughts, comments, and weird missives a few of you have sent me. I look forward to bringing you more interesting tunes from near and far as I attempt to flip the switch on what is largely unheard music. For the bands featured here, I truly appreciate your art. It gets me through my day. Finally, I thought I’d share a couple of picks from the NIN show at the Hollywood palladium from last week. Not surprisingly NIN is an entirely different band from when I first saw them in 1988 at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Oh, and Jesus & Mary Chain was freakin solid as well. Truly a hit machine.

TFTDB - NIN Logo Ep 133.jpg

TFTDB - NIN Trent Reznor Ep 133

Nine Inch Nails – Trent Reznor, Hollywood Palladium December 12, 2018 Copyright KFR 2018

Until next year…peace to all – and a joyous New Year!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #133:

  1. Beach Bunny – “Prom Queen” (Prom Queen EO)
  2. Bearings – “Aforementioned” (Blue In The Dark)
  3. Basement Revolver – “Dancing” (Heavy Eyes)
  4. Fiddlehead – “Spousal Loss” (Springtime and Blind)
  5. Skeggs – “Up In The Clouds” (My Own Mess)
  6. BC Camplight – “Deportation Blues” (Deportation Blues)
  7. Jens Friebe – “Special people Club” (Fuck Penetration)
  8. City Kids Feel The Beat – “Worst Date” (Cheeky Heart)
  9. Monovine – “Throw Me A Bone” (D.Y.E.)
  10. Sports Bar – “Fried” (Stranger In My Head)
  11. Priors – “Sunshine” (New Pleasure)
  12. AFI – “Trash Bat” (The Missing Man EP)
  13. JD McPherson – “Bad Kid” (Socks)
  14. Dead Kennedys – “To Drunk To Fuck” (To Drunk To Fuck b/w The Prey)
  15. The Fleas – “Glitter Shitter” ( A Flea In Your Ear)

Went to a party I danced all night I drank sixteen beers and I started up a fight . . . Well Christmas time is the time to be good but baby, I’m a bad bad kid a stocking full of kerosene, matches, and wood ’cause baby, I’m a bad bad kid . . .


Tales From The Drop Box Episode 132 (2018-31)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 132 returns this week with a punk-pop flavored episode. Normally, I would inform you of my perspective on developments in the real world. This week, I am in a bit of a holding pattern as what we are learning about the Mueller investigation into Trump and his cronies starts to get very interesting. I’m hoping the full report drops in time for Christmas as a gift to America. Like both music and life – timing is everything and I’ll bet Mueller’s timing will be impeccable.

A passing of note – Pete Shelley, the leader of The Buzzcocks died last week at age 63. For regular followers of this podcast, you know that The Buzzcocks were the most influential band of my youth and their music changed my life. How much? Listen here: Tales From The Drop Box Episode 69 – The Buzzcocks . RIP Pete.

As for musical timing, this episode is about one hour long and filled with mega hit songs – at least to me.

Have a terrific week!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #132:

  1. Arctic Flowers – “In Silence” (Straight To The Hunter)
  2. Weathers – “Problems” (Kids In The Night)
  3. Trust Fund – “Carson McCullers” (Bringing The Backline)
  4. Belmont – “Write Me Off” (Belmont)
  5. Lucero – “For The Lonely Ones” (Among The Ghosts)
  6. The Wombats – “Black Flamingo” (Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life)
  7. The Illustrator – “Settle The Score” (This One’s For You)
  8. Spring King – “Ready For War” (A Better Life)
  9. Happy – “Fishtank” (Cult Classic)
  10. The Pretty Littles – “Overtime” (Skeleton Run)
  11. Guster – “Look Alive” (Look Alive)
  12. Astro Mutt – Yr Song” (Escape From Earth)
  13. With Confidence – “Dopamine” (Love And Loathing)
  14. The Raincoats – “The Void” (The Raincoats)
  15. Alien Boy – “Somewhere Without Me” (Sleeping Lessons)

When I looked at the streets and when they looked at me – the void, when I’m trying to think . . . The sun came up the world began to shake fault lines exposing all my own mistakes


Tales From The Drop Box Episode 131 (2018-30)

I am slightly conflicted about the passing of former President George Bush (aka Bush I) this week and how he should be remembered. While I am clearly not in the group that is rushing to canonize the man for a well lived life, I am also not a harsh critic. Being President is a difficult job. It is also unfair to compare him to the current occupant of that office as this would raise Bush I to sainthood as the current holder is easily the low bar when held against almost any honest person. Bush I appears to have lived a much better life out of the public eye. Not infallible, but certainly not evil. I see him as a complex fully realized person who was blessed to possess the spark of humanity. So, as he is laid to rest this week, I prefer to think of the good and reflect on those elements of his life he lived in in public service. Perhaps, much like his own letter to Clinton left on the desk in the oval office for Clinton to read, at this point I’m simply rooting hard for him.

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 131 is unrelated to the transition from living to dead. It is just a joyful diverse creative exploration of some new music that I like and hope you will as well. After all, sharing is caring!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #131:

  1. Bad Bad Hats – “Makes Me Nervous” (Lightning Round)
  2. Matthew Melton – “Neon Light” (Night Life)
  3. Saturday Night – “Fish In the Pond” (Saturday Night)
  4. Hugh Cornwell – “Pure Evel” (Monster)
  5. Drunk Mums – “Phantom Limb” (Urban Cowboy)
  6. Bauhaus – “Bite My Hip” (The Bela Session)
  7. The Marked Men – “She Won’t Know” (On The Other Side)
  8. Brandt – “Vice” (What!)
  9. Papaya Fuzz – “Funeral” (Funeral EP)
  10. The Meringues – “The Lottery” (The Meringues)
  11. The Gullibles – “Do You Like Heavy Metal?” (Do You Like Heavy Metal? EP)
  12. Mayday Parade – “Piece Of Your Heart” (Sunnyland)
  13. The Greeting Committee – “17” (This Is It)
  14. Hoodoo Gurus – “Come Anytime” (Magnum Cum Louder)
  15. Georgi Kay – “Guilty Pleasures” (Where I Go To Disappear)

What is it you want from me? There isn´t much I will not do. If it´s only company, you know, I might need that too. . . . Move my way, yeah, nice and slow find my foot, well it’s over kinda low…