Tales From The Drop Box Episode 174 (2020-22) The Pandemic/BLM Episodes

It would not have been too risky a proposition to predict that America would have another name to add to the list of black Americans shot by police officers. On Aug. 23, Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back after Blake walked away from officers and was attempting to enter a small SUV with his three children in the backseat. The video document is fairly clear that the officers had other options rather than lethal force, particularly after they had tasered Mr. Blake already. I assure you, and there is significant and I believe sufficient to support, that this event would have turned out differently if Mr. Blake was white. That this tragedy was predictable shouldn’t be surprising as there is also little demonstrable progress on police reform since the tragic death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the numerous others who are the fatal evidence of systemic bias in law enforcement. There is also a white power faction that has infiltrated police force ranks, but that is a separate issue and there is little point identifying “bad apples.” Why little point? Despite evidence of police officers forming gangs, i.e. to commit crimes, these gangs operate with impunity in some police departments. Welcome to Los Angeles. This could change, but the central issue, systemic bias in law enforcement is the underlying disease. Everything else is merely a symptom of the disease.

While the BLM movement arose in the after math of the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black man, was killed in 2014 by police in Ferguson, Mo., the focus on systemic bias did not arise until a subsequent Washington Post investigation found that the FBI under-counted fatal police shootings by more than half. This is because reporting by police departments is voluntary and many departments fail to do so. There is really no debate on law enforcement bias as the clear evidence gathered in the wake of the Michael Brown murder supports this conclusion. Black Americans are more than 2.5X as likely as White Americans to be killed by law enforcement. Although half of the people shot and killed by police are White, Black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate. They account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of White Americans. Hispanic Americans are also killed by police at a disproportionate rate. See Washington Post Police Shootings Database.

There is a true need for change and that starts at the top. There will be no real reform unless we have leaders that believe that Black Lives, and by extension all lives, Matter. The current occupant does not believe life matters, let alone believe that black lives matter. We have 180,000 COVID-19 lives lost for his want of care and attention and on average approximately 1000 people are killed by law enforcement each year in America. Please register to vote and vote as if your life and survival depended on that vote. Because, frankly, they do.

Here is what you’ll find in Tales From The Drop Box Episode 174:

  1. Penny Driving – “Shotgun, She Said” (Big Inhale)
  2. Creeper – “Napalm Girls” (Sex, Death & The Infinite Void)
  3. Les Big Byrd – “Roofied Angels” (Roofied Angels EP)
  4. Lurk – “Pressure Points” (Pressure Points EP)
  5. Fontaines D.C. – “A Hero’s Death” (A Hero’s Death)
  6. Bombay Bicycle Club – “Is It Real” (Everything Else Has Gone Wrong)
  7. Thick – “Can’t Be Friends” (5 Years Behind)
  8. Shopping – “Follow Me” (All Or Nothing)
  9. Smut – “Sean Lim” (First Kiss)
  10. Young Ones – “Cream Of The Crop” (Cream Of The Crop)
  11. New Hate Rising – ” A New Start” (Miles)
  12. Ripcordz – “Jenny Is A Punk” (Don’t Buy The First Album, Jerk-Wad, Get This One!)
  13. The Roozalepres – “Coffin Nails” (The Roozalepres)
  14. The Subhumans – “Slave To My Dick” (The Subhumans EP)
  15. Public Practice – “Cities” (Gentle Grip)
Tales From The Drop Box Episode 174 (2020-22)

I put on my clothes, they make me look dull, I don’t think about it, I don’t think at all,
I dress high class, it makes me look high paid, you know I’ll do it baby cause I wanna get laid… Fill the car with all the ammunition you can get we’ll storm the gates of Heaven, God is dead …


Tales From The Drop Box Episode 173 (2020-21) The Pandemic/BLM Episodes

I can’t tell if things are bad or good right now. I should be able to make the distinction but when you are inundated with a derecho of crap, it is sometimes difficult to figure out a clear path forward. COVID-19 cases are still increasing but at least fewer people are dying from the disease. There are a large number of people who are permanently damaged but the news hasn’t got around to discussing the cardiac damage experienced by many, even in asymptomatic individuals. I guess we are getting better at treating people, but honestly, I don’t think we should have gone through a deadly experimentation phase just to learn that the virus is fatal to a large number of people. This observation shouldn’t be surprising given the lack of empathy that exists in America. As more idiots refuse to follow some pretty basic guidelines to prevent the spread, the question is not really when you are going to contract COVID-19, but will you survive.

On the rock n’ roll front, this has been a really good summer for music. I’m still in a rounding up phase from the spring as the number of truly good releases continue to amaze me with both their musicality and energy. I think you’ll find something you like here as well. I’m not trying to make you all happy, however, I certainly try. What I do guarantee is that you are not going to find most of these bands played on your radio, so if you are tooling around seeking takeout, then perhaps give this a listen. I’ve been told that my voice is somewhere between painful and whiskey smooth so it’s always less talk and more rock.

And away we go! Here is what you will find in Tales From The Drop Box Episode 173:

  1. Cold Beaches – “Somebody” (Drifter)
  2. The Coronas – “Haunted” (True Love Waits)
  3. The Raging Nathans – “Big Mouth” (Oppositional Defiance)
  4. Savak – “The Point Of The Point” (The Point Of The Point 7”)
  5. The Room In The Wood – “Mars (Won’t Save Us)” (We’re The Martians, Now)
  6. Sleeper — “Bedhead (BBC Session John Peel 1994)” (Live At The BBC)
  7. The Rifles – “Fall To Sorrow (Live)” (Live At The Roundhouse)
  8. Taking Meds – “Somebody Particular” (The Meds You Deserve)
  9. The Scratches – “Sorry (Not Sorry)” (Never Better)
  10. Dirt Box Disco – “I Want Out” (TV Sex Show)
  11. Anti-Flag – “No One Can Save Yourself But You (Demo)” (VA – Isolation Songs Volume 1)
  12. Mondo Generator – “Dog Food” (Shooter’s Bible)
  13. Angel Du$t – “Big Ass Love” (Pretty Buff)
  14. The Replacements – “Kick Your Door Down” (Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash)
  15. Overwhelmed – “What Do You Want?” (Who Rules The World?)
Tales From The Drop Box Episode 173 (2020-21)

Your radio is playing rather loud it don’t sound like me your attitude seems so proud that don’t bother me . . . I’m hanging around that same old scene my girlfriend Betsy she’s just fourteen there’s nothing better for me to do I’m living on dog food . . .


Tales From The Drop Box Episode 172 (2020-20) The Pandemic/BLM Episodes

Blah Blah Blah was a pretty good album by Iggy Pop and the theme for this week – Blah Blah Blah. As we get closer to the only election that matters and a turning point in our country’s future, the real question is whether good will triumph over evil. That an election should decide the battle of good and evil is a truly sad thought. Why you might ask? Did you ever consider that the result of that battle is still a toss up after almost four years of misery both political and personal, and that we still are nation gripped by a pandemic and racial unrest. Good will triumph over Trump … eventually.

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 172 is just the antidote for an oppressive real world. There is hope and here is about an hour of it.

Here Is what you’ll find in Episode 172:

  1. Alexa Melo – “Digital” (Demoitis)
  2. The Thank Yous – “The Indie Pop Demon” (Good Times Killing Us)
  3. The Warlocks – “Sucking Out Your Soul Like A Son Of A Bitch” (The Chain)
  4. The Angry Agenda – “We Shall Prevail” (War EP)
  5. Catholic Action – “People Don’t Protest Enough” (Celebrated by Strangers)
  6. F.O.D. – “Wrong” (Sleepville)
  7. Left Hand Black – “Children Of The Night” (Left Hand Black)
  8. The Cowboy – “Mr. Lamppost” (The Cowboy 7”)
  9. Angel Du$t – “Lil House” (Lil House EP)
  10. Selfish Things – “Flood (Alternate Version)” (Logos (Alternate Versions))
  11. Nite Sobs – “Back On The Ride” (Do The Sob)
  12. Transit Method – “Cannibals” (The Madness)
  13. The Cavemen – “Death Row” (Various Artists – AA/VV In The Shit Records Collection N. 1)
  14. Unwritten Law – “Fight” (Here’s To The Mourning)
  15. The Dead End kids – “Hey Du” (Kommando Glitzer)

I heard you were concerned with my life I heard you had a lot to say motherfuckin’, thanks for nothin’ . . . I think I have answers the world is a cancer our blasphemous mantras of bullets and blood . . .

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 171 (2020-19) The Pandemic/BLM Episodes

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 171 finds America, unlike New Zealand and a bunch of other countries who have apparently figured out how to manage the outbreak of COVID-19, continuing to die. I guess only Anti-Flag correctly predicted that we would all have to Die for Our Government. Although that song was about the use of a manufactured experimental virus during the Gulf War on our own troops, the analogy holds I think. Our government is experimenting with American lives and, as posited a couple of episodes ago, we are going to have to save ourselves. Individual responsibility for our own safety.

I was curious about the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other victim’s of police violence. It is now mid-august and the protests have largely disappeared from the news (unless you live in Portland where the embers of dissent still burn). So I googled. The race-related things that have changed since the protests began around George Floyd’s death. Apparently, progress is being made. It’s just not news.

Which brings me to this episode of Tales From the Drop Box. Like the BLM movement, progress is being made – it’s just not news. But progress is the point of this podcast. The goal for this podcast is a simple one – to introduce you to music you might not have had come up in your playlist because that playlist is programmed for you by an algorithm and not a human. I’m a human and I program differently. I built this podcast for you with a goal to keep it catchy and expose you to a bunch of artists that you might not have heard of yet (although some of these artists you might know) and play for you a mix of tracks not likely to be played on commercial radio. That’s it. Simple Jack. Let me know if I have accomplished my goal.

Oh…and play loud. I find music always sounds better if things surrounding you also move when music is played at max volume. You will likely move as well.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode 171:

  1. Sløtface – “Luminous” (Sorry For The Late Reply)
  2. The Vulcan Itch – “Hippie Hippie Shit” (The Vulcan Itch)
  3. Charmer – “Slumber” (Ivy)
  4. White Denim – “Go Numb” (World As A Waiting Room)
  5. AID – “Black Is The Soul” (Psychodance)
  6. Witching Waves – “Disintegration” (Persistence)
  7. Seazoo – “Honey Bee” (Joy)
  8. The Hecks – “Heat Wave” (My Star)
  9. Hatchie & The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – “Sometimes Always” (Love Record Store Day 7”)
  10. Shit Present – “Voice In Your Head (Demo)” (Various Artists – Furlough Your Dreams)
  11. Arielle Dombasle – “Just Come Back Alive” (Empire)
  12. Bullitt – “Fool Spirit (Sparks Sessions)” (Drawer Sessions)
  13. Miss Fortune – “No Hesitation” (Miss Fortune)
  14. Ben Vaughn – “She’s A Real Scream” (Mood Swings”)
  15. Bryde – “The Trouble Is” (The Volume of Things)
Tales From The Drop Box Episode 171 (2020-19)

I almost forgot what it felt like to stay up all night talking and maybe if I ask enough good questions I can keep us awake . . . broke down and I need a fix just wanna sit until I’m twenty-six and go numb . . .


Tales From The Drop Box Episode 170 (2020-18) The Pandemic/BLM Episodes

A bit of a throwback episode this week. As the number of days under pandemic increase, so does the length of the list of tracks that are – drop box worthy! America is struggling in getting the Sars-Cov-2 virus under control, and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any coordinated national response until there is new leadership in the White House. Not unsurprising, the President continues to spread lies, misinformation, and misdirection to attempt to deflect from a horrific and catastrophic loss of American lives (154,449 acknowledged deaths as of this date) and from his own failures. (See John Hopkins Coronavirus Center.) As a lesson for our future, should we have one and if American’s are still voting for elected offices, don’t elect morally corrupt lying sacks of crap who are willing to kill you for their own gain. There is hope and it is 93 days away.

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 170 is a musical smack down of diversity, with a new Osees track, a track from the former dBs vocalists Chris Stamey & Peter Holsapple, new Soul Asylum, and X. There is some new-old music from earlier in the year and late last year before the world shut down in response to the pandemic. I’ve thrown in a couple of live tracks in the hope that live shows will someday return. We will survive the pandemic and when we get to the other side, the lessons we are learning each and every day will help form a new world order, hopefully one that is safer, kinder, and forward thinking. This podcast is merely your soundtrack to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is what you will find in Episode 170:

  1. Violet Soda – “Don’t Like This Song” (Violet Soda)
  2. Arson Daily – “Bring It All Back Home” (Late Reflections)
  3. Osees – “Blood On Your Boots” (Be Gay, Do Crime!)
  4. Surf Rock Is Dead – “Diabolik” (Existential Playboy)
  5. The Academic – “I Feel It Too (Live at the Iveagh Gardens April 24, 2020)” (Live at the Iveagh Gardens)
  6. The Bar Stool Preachers – “When This World Ends” (Soundtrack To Your Apocalypse)
  7. Chastity – “Flames (Live At The Whitby Courthouse Theater)” (Home Made Satan: Live Addition)
  8. Standup Stacy – “Mirrors” (The Magnificent You)
  9. Aviva – “GRRRLs” (Volume 1)
  10. X – “Alphabetland” (Alphabetland)
  11. The Movement – “Revolt” (Future Freedom Time)
  12. Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey – “Black and White” (Our Back Pages)
  13. Soul Asylum – “Hopped Up Feelin’ (Hurry Up and Wait)
  14. Plain White T’s – “Big Bad World” (Big Bad World)
  15. Riverby – “Smart Mouth” (Smart Mouth)
Tales From The Drop Box Episode 170 (2020-18)

It’s a big bad world we’re doing what we can sometimes we fall on our face before we even learn to stand . . . I, I never would hurt you but even if I did you you never would tell me . . life is simple, life is plain fuck the future, stay the same lust for lashes your country’s in ashes.