Tales From The Drop Box Episode 171 (2020-19) The Pandemic/BLM Episodes

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 171 finds America, unlike New Zealand and a bunch of other countries who have apparently figured out how to manage the outbreak of COVID-19, continuing to die. I guess only Anti-Flag correctly predicted that we would all have to Die for Our Government. Although that song was about the use of a manufactured experimental virus during the Gulf War on our own troops, the analogy holds I think. Our government is experimenting with American lives and, as posited a couple of episodes ago, we are going to have to save ourselves. Individual responsibility for our own safety.

I was curious about the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other victim’s of police violence. It is now mid-august and the protests have largely disappeared from the news (unless you live in Portland where the embers of dissent still burn). So I googled. The race-related things that have changed since the protests began around George Floyd’s death. Apparently, progress is being made. It’s just not news.

Which brings me to this episode of Tales From the Drop Box. Like the BLM movement, progress is being made – it’s just not news. But progress is the point of this podcast. The goal for this podcast is a simple one – to introduce you to music you might not have had come up in your playlist because that playlist is programmed for you by an algorithm and not a human. I’m a human and I program differently. I built this podcast for you with a goal to keep it catchy and expose you to a bunch of artists that you might not have heard of yet (although some of these artists you might know) and play for you a mix of tracks not likely to be played on commercial radio. That’s it. Simple Jack. Let me know if I have accomplished my goal.

Oh…and play loud. I find music always sounds better if things surrounding you also move when music is played at max volume. You will likely move as well.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode 171:

  1. Sløtface – “Luminous” (Sorry For The Late Reply)
  2. The Vulcan Itch – “Hippie Hippie Shit” (The Vulcan Itch)
  3. Charmer – “Slumber” (Ivy)
  4. White Denim – “Go Numb” (World As A Waiting Room)
  5. AID – “Black Is The Soul” (Psychodance)
  6. Witching Waves – “Disintegration” (Persistence)
  7. Seazoo – “Honey Bee” (Joy)
  8. The Hecks – “Heat Wave” (My Star)
  9. Hatchie & The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – “Sometimes Always” (Love Record Store Day 7”)
  10. Shit Present – “Voice In Your Head (Demo)” (Various Artists – Furlough Your Dreams)
  11. Arielle Dombasle – “Just Come Back Alive” (Empire)
  12. Bullitt – “Fool Spirit (Sparks Sessions)” (Drawer Sessions)
  13. Miss Fortune – “No Hesitation” (Miss Fortune)
  14. Ben Vaughn – “She’s A Real Scream” (Mood Swings”)
  15. Bryde – “The Trouble Is” (The Volume of Things)
Tales From The Drop Box Episode 171 (2020-19)

I almost forgot what it felt like to stay up all night talking and maybe if I ask enough good questions I can keep us awake . . . broke down and I need a fix just wanna sit until I’m twenty-six and go numb . . .