Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-38 (Episode 92)

About time I got another one of these in the iTunes podcast bin. Tales From the Drop Box Episode #92 is all about the music. There is so much to discover this week as a bunch of these bands are playing around the U.S., so you might be able to see something live that you love and that is catchy as a cold (but without the side effects). This episode is also a little different. I have included a couple of things from 2015, 2016, and a couple of tracks from earlier this year. I have a stockpile of tracks to play and these suddenly popped up in that playlist. A couple of these tracks also appear because their digital releases were finally pressed on vinyl and I have been spinning the albums as I work. If you haven’t re-discovered the beauty of vinyl, stop what you are doing immediately and go get a turntable – now. The turntables today are beautiful, better, and the sound quality of modern vinyl is amazing.

Finally, in this episode you will experience first hand my love of power pop. A couple of these tracks strike at the heart of that genre and you should definitely check out the Tweeds track which dates back to 1980. Pure power pop genius. And can I tell you about Ryan Adams? The guy’s B-sides are better than many artist’s A-sides. The latest record Prisoner, I played in an earlier episode, but the trip through the B-sides is insane.

Don’t get carried away now….

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #92:

  1. Fruit & Flowers – “Down Down Down” (Drug Tax)
  2. Dead Coast – “Jenny Loves The Sun” (Shambolic)
  3. Buttercup – “How To Think About Sex” (Battle of Flowers)
  4. Star Tropics – “All The Way To Heaven” (Lost World)
  5. White – “Living Fiction” (One Night Stands Forever)
  6. Everything Everything – “Ivory Tower” (A Fever Dream)
  7. Eagulls – “Velvet” (Ullages)
  8. Sauna Youth – “The Bridge” (Distractions)
  9. Fazerdaze – “Little Uneasy” (Morningside)
  10. Ryan Adams – “Stop Talking” (Prisoner – End of The World Edition B-sides)
  11. Balance and Composure – “Run From Me” (Slow Heart EP)
  12. Lincoln LeFevre & The Insiders – “The Get Go” (Come Undone)
  13. Tangerines – “Marlene” (Into The Flophouse)
  14. Tweeds – “I Need That Record” ( The Tweeds: I Need That Record (The Tweeds Anthology)
  15. Ellen & The Degenerates – “Milk” (Herb Alert)

Really don’t want let it all go but I really think I’m gonna, really think I’m gonna, bunch of pain but nothing to show . . . pin the bunting on the gallows, dance around it with your blackface on and we all made a vacuum, we all made a vacuum for this . . .


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-37 (Episode 91)

Tales From the Drop Box mourns the loss of the 58 people who died and the numerous others who were injured in the senseless, preventable, and unthinkably tragic event in Las Vegas. It is so very sad that a single person’s selfish act can have such devastating consequences to perfect strangers. The consequences are not confined to the victims but I fear they will be far reaching.

We also mourn the passing of Tom Petty who created some memorable tunes over the years. While Tom moved away from the more alt-rock power-pop sound of his early records, into a more traditional/americana flavored version of rock and roll, he was a fighter with a passion for music and obviously dedicated his life to his craft and in giving to others.  “American Girl” is still a perfect exemplar of genius in 3:35. Recorded on July 4, 1976 and released in February 1977 it was never a “hit” record but released at a time when punk rock was breaking and its jangle pop/power pop based melody fit perfectly with the new musical direction and experimentation of the time.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #91:

  1. Birthh – “Chlorine” (Born in the Woods)
  2. Early Riser – “The Nevers” (Currents)
  3. Punch Punch Kick – “Not My Problem” (Punch Punch Kick)
  4. Pale Spectres – “Goodbye” (Pale Spectres EP)
  5. Carl Barât and The Jackals – “Burning Cars” (Harder They Fall EP)
  6. Sløtface – “Pools” (Try Not To Freak Out)
  7. Onk Lou – “Beer on Wine” (Bogus)
  8. Husky – “Cut The Air” (Punchbuzz)
  9. Rocketboys – “Slow Down” (Certain Circles)
  10. Ben Vaughn Quartet – “I’m Just Sayin’” (Pièce de Résistance)
  11. Animal Youth – “Love You When You’re Dead” (Animal)
  12. Bread & Butter – “Shoot My Mouth Off” (Bread & Butter)
  13. Pins feat Iggy Pop – “Aggrophobe” (Bad Thing)
  14. The Go-Betweens – “Lee Remick” (The Lost Album)
  15. Star – “No More Party” (Devastator)

When we first met everything was great but now you look at me like a goat looks at a gate . . . I exhale as if I have any breathe to exhale … so many actions so many voices


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-36 (Episode 90)

Here we are at Episode 90 of Tales From the Drop Box, and all I can say is last week seemed to go very quick – jam packed with new music and the same sad politics. The most interesting thing I learned from this week’s events includes the idea that the people of Puerto Rico may not be citizens of the United States. It is difficult to reconcile the true intent of the person who holds the office of the President. Even on the occasions I agree with a particular policy, he consistently manages to get in his own way, and consequently I’m forced to examine whether I actually am in agreement with the policy as I assume, correctly, that everything coming from the White House is a lie or designed to create division in order to divert attention. So, in the spirit of good will, I only ask that you share my love of music. We don’t have to share political views, eh?

N.B. If you are a Trump supporter/apologist, please be warned. The next couple of paragraphs are unfiltered, and contain an opposing viewpoint. Skip ahead. Really, keep your chin up, and just scan to the list of terrific music in this episode. Not sure why the Puerto Rico story bothers me so greatly. Hopefully, come election time, someone will read these notes, and remind themselves of the danger of electing someone wholly unqualified to hold the highest office in the land. Perhaps, my anger is because I am more than a little frustrated by a president who sits on his ass blaming people from this vantage point:


While the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico has this view:

San Juan photo

Oh, and how did I learn that the FPOS doesn’t actually know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States? Because he doesn’t treat them like citizens. Far from being engaged and concerned about those U.S. citizens on a storm ravaged island, the FPOS refuses to treat the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico in a similar manner to the people he actually pretends to give a shit about in Texas and Florida, i.e. the people who voted for him.

Rather than take action, show empathy or concern about Puerto Rico, from his golf course, he tweets about Puerto Rico’s debt, torments the mayor of San Juan with insensitive attacks, pokes his enormous penis at North Korea and continues to misdirect the American people with the whole NFL kneeling mess.  Unlike any prior President of recent memory, FPOS, rather than focus humanitarian support for a U.S. territory –  a territory that remains without power, food and fresh water, i.e. the necessities of life, he plays another round of golf and freakin’ tweets division and hate. There are currently 3.4 million people (a little more than Iowa) who risk disease and starvation, and FPOS observes the following:

“Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble…”

I’m not sure that Florida and Texas are actually “doing great” as they rebuild but Puerto Rico is demonstrably not. Well, @realDonaldTrump get off your fat #^%#^ ass, and mobilize the United States effort to prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

Oh, that would take leadership of which you have demonstrated none. . .


Here is what you’ll find in Episode #90:

  1. Agent Blå – “Rote Learning” (Agent Blå)
  2. Wyldlife – “Cowboys and Slutz” (The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll)
  3. Vinyl Theatre – “Day In Day Out” (Origami)
  4. See Through Dresses – “Glass” (Horse of The other World)
  5. Afghan Whigs – “Light As A Feather” (In Spades)
  6. Oblio – “Shunned” (Autophobia)
  7. The Classic Crime – Wonder” (How To Be Human)
  8. The National – “Empire Line” (Sleep Well Beast)
  9. Küken – “Graveyard” (Küken 2)
  10. Guttermouth – “A Punk Rock Tale of Woe” (The Whole Enchilada)
  11. Frenzal Rhomb – “Organ Donor” (Hi-Vis High Tea)
  12. Rusty Shipp – “Devil Jonah” (Mortal Ghost)
  13. Tigerwine – “Spit” (Die With Your Tongue Out)
  14. Let’s Active – “Waters Part” (Cypress)
  15. Cayetana – “Am I Dead Yet?” (New Kind Of Normal)

Have I fucked up my head with all the books that I read was I too hungry for the truth to find you . . . The country’s getting wilder, a way that moon and tide comfort us, to tie it all together is the work of alchemists