Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-38 (Episode 92)

About time I got another one of these in the iTunes podcast bin. Tales From the Drop Box Episode #92 is all about the music. There is so much to discover this week as a bunch of these bands are playing around the U.S., so you might be able to see something live that you love and that is catchy as a cold (but without the side effects). This episode is also a little different. I have included a couple of things from 2015, 2016, and a couple of tracks from earlier this year. I have a stockpile of tracks to play and these suddenly popped up in that playlist. A couple of these tracks also appear because their digital releases were finally pressed on vinyl and I have been spinning the albums as I work. If you haven’t re-discovered the beauty of vinyl, stop what you are doing immediately and go get a turntable – now. The turntables today are beautiful, better, and the sound quality of modern vinyl is amazing.

Finally, in this episode you will experience first hand my love of power pop. A couple of these tracks strike at the heart of that genre and you should definitely check out the Tweeds track which dates back to 1980. Pure power pop genius. And can I tell you about Ryan Adams? The guy’s B-sides are better than many artist’s A-sides. The latest record Prisoner, I played in an earlier episode, but the trip through the B-sides is insane.

Don’t get carried away now….

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #92:

  1. Fruit & Flowers – “Down Down Down” (Drug Tax)
  2. Dead Coast – “Jenny Loves The Sun” (Shambolic)
  3. Buttercup – “How To Think About Sex” (Battle of Flowers)
  4. Star Tropics – “All The Way To Heaven” (Lost World)
  5. White – “Living Fiction” (One Night Stands Forever)
  6. Everything Everything – “Ivory Tower” (A Fever Dream)
  7. Eagulls – “Velvet” (Ullages)
  8. Sauna Youth – “The Bridge” (Distractions)
  9. Fazerdaze – “Little Uneasy” (Morningside)
  10. Ryan Adams – “Stop Talking” (Prisoner – End of The World Edition B-sides)
  11. Balance and Composure – “Run From Me” (Slow Heart EP)
  12. Lincoln LeFevre & The Insiders – “The Get Go” (Come Undone)
  13. Tangerines – “Marlene” (Into The Flophouse)
  14. Tweeds – “I Need That Record” ( The Tweeds: I Need That Record (The Tweeds Anthology)
  15. Ellen & The Degenerates – “Milk” (Herb Alert)

Really don’t want let it all go but I really think I’m gonna, really think I’m gonna, bunch of pain but nothing to show . . . pin the bunting on the gallows, dance around it with your blackface on and we all made a vacuum, we all made a vacuum for this . . .


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