Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-37 (Episode 91)

Tales From the Drop Box mourns the loss of the 58 people who died and the numerous others who were injured in the senseless, preventable, and unthinkably tragic event in Las Vegas. It is so very sad that a single person’s selfish act can have such devastating consequences to perfect strangers. The consequences are not confined to the victims but I fear they will be far reaching.

We also mourn the passing of Tom Petty who created some memorable tunes over the years. While Tom moved away from the more alt-rock power-pop sound of his early records, into a more traditional/americana flavored version of rock and roll, he was a fighter with a passion for music and obviously dedicated his life to his craft and in giving to others.  “American Girl” is still a perfect exemplar of genius in 3:35. Recorded on July 4, 1976 and released in February 1977 it was never a “hit” record but released at a time when punk rock was breaking and its jangle pop/power pop based melody fit perfectly with the new musical direction and experimentation of the time.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #91:

  1. Birthh – “Chlorine” (Born in the Woods)
  2. Early Riser – “The Nevers” (Currents)
  3. Punch Punch Kick – “Not My Problem” (Punch Punch Kick)
  4. Pale Spectres – “Goodbye” (Pale Spectres EP)
  5. Carl Barât and The Jackals – “Burning Cars” (Harder They Fall EP)
  6. Sløtface – “Pools” (Try Not To Freak Out)
  7. Onk Lou – “Beer on Wine” (Bogus)
  8. Husky – “Cut The Air” (Punchbuzz)
  9. Rocketboys – “Slow Down” (Certain Circles)
  10. Ben Vaughn Quartet – “I’m Just Sayin’” (Pièce de Résistance)
  11. Animal Youth – “Love You When You’re Dead” (Animal)
  12. Bread & Butter – “Shoot My Mouth Off” (Bread & Butter)
  13. Pins feat Iggy Pop – “Aggrophobe” (Bad Thing)
  14. The Go-Betweens – “Lee Remick” (The Lost Album)
  15. Star – “No More Party” (Devastator)

When we first met everything was great but now you look at me like a goat looks at a gate . . . I exhale as if I have any breathe to exhale … so many actions so many voices


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