Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-41 (Episode 95)

A short break between episodes this week because I had a little extra time and, more importantly, it is also my twin boys’ birthday today so I spun this Episode #95 out in celebration. This episode is also a return to form after Episode 94’s all-female vocal episode. What does that really mean to you? Nothing much really. Like Episode #94 this episode is also filled with catchy, fun, and truly interesting musical gems that are highly unlikely to be played anywhere else. There just won’t be all female vocals.  In a perfect world everyone would get the pleasure of listening to and fully experiencing these tracks! For now, it is just you. So spread the love. Buy the music from the artists, share the podcast with only your friends! Make new friends by sharing and discovering new music – together. Tales From the Drop Box Episode #95 is truly a magical tool that everyone should have and use. It is very powerful. Listening to this podcast can help you make new friends, brighten your day, and lift you from the day to day sameness that threatens happiness. Think of this podcast as your safe place to experience freedom and joy and after you’ve had the pleasure, go forth and be happy!

The  focus of today’s episode is on your happiness and what experiences make you smile – the terrific people in your life and some terrific tunes. I have both in mine!

Happy birthday J&K – I love you both!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #95:

  1. Gordi – “Can We Work It Out” (Reservoir)
  2. Levellers – “Before The End” (Letters From The Underground)
  3. Black Swells – “Beautiful Lies” (Quiet Life)
  4. Wavves – “No Shade” (You’re Welcome)
  5. Battleme – “Testament” (Cult Psychotica)
  6. Bill Baird – “Graveyard Dawn” (Baby Blue Abyss)
  7. Death From Above 1979 – “Freeze Me” (Outrage! Is Now)
  8. The Tissues – “Morning Light” (Veil)
  9. Buttertones – “Two Headed Shark” (Gravedigging)
  10. ViceVersa – “Love The Way” (The Electric Flame)
  11. Jungle Giants – “Used To Be In Love” (Quiet Factory)
  12. The Babe Rainbow – “Johny Says Stay Cool” (The Babe Rainbow)
  13. Fake Shark – “Cheap Thrills” (Faux Real)
  14. Alex Chilton – “All Of The Time” (Live At The Ocean Club NYC 1977)
  15. Juliana Hatfield – “Sunny Somewhere” (Pussycat)

You know I shake like static underneath a T.V my thinking’s in the attic and it’s no use to me . . . Just one kiss to build our dreams upon, it’s just one kiss, to build a dream upon


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