Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-23 (Episode 77)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 77.  I hope your memorial day was meaningful. Memorial Day is not a celebration of service as is veterans day, but rather, a time of reflection to remember those who have served.  Hence, hopefully you spent some time reflecting on the sacrifice of the many who have served this Country, preserved its values, and fought for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Now for the not so serious. There is not much reflection in this batch of tunes. This statement is based upon anonymous sources located in the White House and also based upon a Fox News article retweeted by FPOS about anonymous sources acting on fake news whose source is the FPOS. I’ve got a back channel… Episode 77 covers the full gamut of rock type music for want of a better label. Some of these Artists you should be familiar with (!!!, Slowdive, King Gizzard, and Stranglers) and I am particularly excited by the new King Gizzard album which is their second album released this year. Oh and it doesn’t come out for another month. You should also try the Slowdive track which is very representative of the album as a whole. If you are like me and ever searching for a good mix of tunes, I think on some level this episode will satisfy you. It certainly won’t be boring.

If you don’t read any of the nonsense above, please at least read this note: If you are sensitive to certain words, such as a certain word beginning with C and rhyming with bunt, then avoid the last track eh? I’m generally okay with fucker, but you know …sensitive ears.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #77:

  1. Baby Ghosts – “Sleepums” (A Surprise Party EP)
  2. Mirrored Image – “Go” ( The Pursuit of Happiness)
  3. Blond Ambition – “Hurricanes 2” ( Slow All Over)
  4. The Amazons  “Ultraviolet” (The Amazons)
  5. Bitch Queens – “B-Stock Babies” (L.O.V.E.)
  6. Sundressed – “The Highlights” ( A Little Less Put Together)
  7. Slowdive – “Star Rising” (Slowdive)
  8. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Altered Beast III” ( Murder of the Universe)
  9. Youth Killed It – “Fudge” (Modern Bollotics)
  10. !!! – “NRGQ” (Shake The Shudder)
  11. The Vacant Lots – “Waiting Period” (Endless Night)
  12. Beach Bums  “My Turn” (Lucid Dream)
  13. Pet Symmetry – “Hall Monitor” (Vision)
  14. Stranglers – “Nuclear Device” (The Wizard of Aus) (The Raven)
  15. The Infusion – “Doctor C**t F**ker” (Doctor Doctor)

So come on beat my silence the ultraviolet … I don’t really care about which way you vote’ cos my gerrymander works out fine I sell desert stretches like a big rubber glove to Japan for a nuclear device…


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-22 (Episode 76)

A bit of a gap between episodes, but perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or perhaps you didn’t notice that Tales from the Drop Box didn’t show up like a treat in your podcast app and then my timing is perfect. This feeling of is much like the feeling I am experiencing right this moment as the FPOS, who is also absent (in many ways, not just physically) is precisely the kind of absence where we all somehow should feel safer…. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 76 continues my recent exploration of bunch of artists you’ve likely never heard of before, unless you live in a way different place than the United States… say like Australia, where many of the bands from this Episode are located. Oh, and Canada as well. This episode for those of you who inhabit record stores in foreign countries, are intrigued by Bandcamp, don’t listen to commercial radio and avoid bands like U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You know the drill by now. Strap in, hold on, play loud, and enjoy.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #76:

  1. Desperate Journalist – “Why Are You So Boring?” (Grow Up)
  2. Emperor X – “Oversleepers International” (Oversleepers International)
  3. Sorority Noise – “Where Are You? (You’re Not As ___ As You Think)
  4. The Winter Passing – “So Said Virginia” (Double Exposure)
  5. Monster Movie – “Shouldn’t Stray From The Shadows” ( Keep The Voices Distant)
  6. Casper Skulls – “Nighthawks” (Nighthawks 7’’)
  7. Bad//Dreems – “Blood Love” (Gutful)
  8. CFM – “Lethal Look” (Dichotomy Desaturated)
  9. Warm Soda – “Don’t Stop Now” (I Don’t Want to Grow Up)
  10. Last Train – “Cold Fever” (Weathering)
  11. Surf Cassette – “Wasted” (Surf Cassette)
  12. The Maine – “Bad Behavior” (Lovely Little Lonely)
  13. The Smith Street Band – “Forrest” (More Scared Of You Than You Are of Me)
  14. Noise Addict – “Back In Your life” (10,000 Kids With Guitars)
  15. Cable Ties – “Cultural Capital” (Milk Records Split Singles Club Vol. 1)

Paranoia has been creeping in mixed feelings to all my friends … I’ve got friends who’ve died but everything’s going to be all right they’ll be with me by my side every night …



Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-21 (Episode 75)

All over the map this Episode. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 75 continues where Episode 74 left off…sorta. Think of this as a sequel with prequel elements. It’s a pretty sweet episode, so if you’ve been avoiding these podcasts because your first exposure was the Hüsker Dü episode from a couple of episodes back – Don’t be worried. Heck, this episode even has a San Cisco track. For those of you who have listened to the podcast from the beginning then you already know that I have a sweet tooth and San Cisco are the sweetest, satisfyingly sweet. Low hipster appeal, my guilty pleasure. Plus they have Scarlett a terrific drummer. A kind of modern Bay City Rollers, if you will. Intrigued, now? I hope so…have a listen, eh?

Note: I was little tired after a full day of work, so not as sharp as usual. Really not saying much is different. However, as I am competitive, I’m going for the new low bar!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #75:

  1. Another Perfect Crime – “Page 27” (The Flood)
  2. San Cisco – “ The Water” (The Water)
  3. Polish Club – “Whatchuknow” (Alright Already)
  4. A Will Away – “Here Again” (Here Again)
  5. Crystal Cities – “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now?) (Who’s Gonna Save Us Now?)
  6. Real Estate  “Darling” (In Mind)
  7. Wall – “Charmed Life” (Untitled)
  8. Sweet Years – “Fireproof” (Coat Guts)
  9. Growl – “Datin’ Satan” (Won’t You)
  10. Lucas Hamming – “Method To My Madness” (Luck is for Suckers)
  11. Ra Ra Riot – “Bad Times (Acoustic Version) (Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series Vol. 3)
  12. Surf Curse – “The Small Saved My life” (Buds)
  13. Del Paxton – “Take It To The Limit” (All Day, Every Day, All Night)
  14. Boys Life – “From A to Z” (Boys Life EP)
  15. The Buns – “Bye Bye Cheri” (Out of Bounds)

I want to know and feel it all from A to Z I need every moment to be a struggle to be free . . . Can you take the wheel, my heads so heavy and my legs they won’t stand still like the back of my hand, I’ve lost my way but i know that there’s a plan.


Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-20 (Episode 74)

A bit of an oddball episode. I was feeling contemplative when I started this, but by the end, I was a little aggressive. Not sure why. I could always blame FPOS, a consistent cause of anxiety, but even he is not the reason. There are also an inordinate of duo’s in this episode. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 74 is therefore a conundrum. You’ll be all thoughtful at the beginning . . . by the end you’ll be aggressively driving through traffic and screaming “I Hate You!” Remain calm …the feeling will pass. The final 3 song block is ..well…awesome! You’ll see…

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #74:

  1. Hazel English – “Make It Better” (Just Give In/Never Going Home)
  2. No Money Kids – “Man Down” (Hear The Silence)
  3. French For Rabbits – “It Will Be Okay” (The Weight of Melted Snow)
  4. Little Hurricane – “Isn’t It Great” (Same Sun Same Moon)
  5. Pinback – “B” (Some Offcell Voices)
  6. Talos – “ In Time” (Wild Alee)
  7. Slumb Party – “Factory” (Slumb Party EP)
  8. Charmer – “State Birds” (Best Worst Birthday Event EP/Whateversville EP)
  9. No Middle Name – “Reject Club” (Fondness)
  10. Black Angels – “I’d Kill For Her” (Death Song)
  11. Damaged Bug – “Mood Slime” (Bunker Funk)
  12. Volcano Heat – “Destroyer” (Black Mood Swings)
  13. Shadows – “Freedom Is Yours” (Illuminate)
  14. D.O.A. – “I Hate You” (War on 45 March to The End)
  15. Sumo Cyco – “The Broadcaster(Murdering By Radio)” (Opus Mar)

You wanna make a difference but it seems like you’re nothin’ you start to hate everything . . .When you cant put your finger on whats gone wrong, but you can fall asleep without the television on.