Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-21 (Episode 75)

All over the map this Episode. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 75 continues where Episode 74 left off…sorta. Think of this as a sequel with prequel elements. It’s a pretty sweet episode, so if you’ve been avoiding these podcasts because your first exposure was the Hüsker Dü episode from a couple of episodes back – Don’t be worried. Heck, this episode even has a San Cisco track. For those of you who have listened to the podcast from the beginning then you already know that I have a sweet tooth and San Cisco are the sweetest, satisfyingly sweet. Low hipster appeal, my guilty pleasure. Plus they have Scarlett a terrific drummer. A kind of modern Bay City Rollers, if you will. Intrigued, now? I hope so…have a listen, eh?

Note: I was little tired after a full day of work, so not as sharp as usual. Really not saying much is different. However, as I am competitive, I’m going for the new low bar!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #75:

  1. Another Perfect Crime – “Page 27” (The Flood)
  2. San Cisco – “ The Water” (The Water)
  3. Polish Club – “Whatchuknow” (Alright Already)
  4. A Will Away – “Here Again” (Here Again)
  5. Crystal Cities – “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now?) (Who’s Gonna Save Us Now?)
  6. Real Estate  “Darling” (In Mind)
  7. Wall – “Charmed Life” (Untitled)
  8. Sweet Years – “Fireproof” (Coat Guts)
  9. Growl – “Datin’ Satan” (Won’t You)
  10. Lucas Hamming – “Method To My Madness” (Luck is for Suckers)
  11. Ra Ra Riot – “Bad Times (Acoustic Version) (Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series Vol. 3)
  12. Surf Curse – “The Small Saved My life” (Buds)
  13. Del Paxton – “Take It To The Limit” (All Day, Every Day, All Night)
  14. Boys Life – “From A to Z” (Boys Life EP)
  15. The Buns – “Bye Bye Cheri” (Out of Bounds)

I want to know and feel it all from A to Z I need every moment to be a struggle to be free . . . Can you take the wheel, my heads so heavy and my legs they won’t stand still like the back of my hand, I’ve lost my way but i know that there’s a plan.


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