Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-22 (Episode 76)

A bit of a gap between episodes, but perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or perhaps you didn’t notice that Tales from the Drop Box didn’t show up like a treat in your podcast app and then my timing is perfect. This feeling of is much like the feeling I am experiencing right this moment as the FPOS, who is also absent (in many ways, not just physically) is precisely the kind of absence where we all somehow should feel safer…. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 76 continues my recent exploration of bunch of artists you’ve likely never heard of before, unless you live in a way different place than the United States… say like Australia, where many of the bands from this Episode are located. Oh, and Canada as well. This episode for those of you who inhabit record stores in foreign countries, are intrigued by Bandcamp, don’t listen to commercial radio and avoid bands like U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You know the drill by now. Strap in, hold on, play loud, and enjoy.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #76:

  1. Desperate Journalist – “Why Are You So Boring?” (Grow Up)
  2. Emperor X – “Oversleepers International” (Oversleepers International)
  3. Sorority Noise – “Where Are You? (You’re Not As ___ As You Think)
  4. The Winter Passing – “So Said Virginia” (Double Exposure)
  5. Monster Movie – “Shouldn’t Stray From The Shadows” ( Keep The Voices Distant)
  6. Casper Skulls – “Nighthawks” (Nighthawks 7’’)
  7. Bad//Dreems – “Blood Love” (Gutful)
  8. CFM – “Lethal Look” (Dichotomy Desaturated)
  9. Warm Soda – “Don’t Stop Now” (I Don’t Want to Grow Up)
  10. Last Train – “Cold Fever” (Weathering)
  11. Surf Cassette – “Wasted” (Surf Cassette)
  12. The Maine – “Bad Behavior” (Lovely Little Lonely)
  13. The Smith Street Band – “Forrest” (More Scared Of You Than You Are of Me)
  14. Noise Addict – “Back In Your life” (10,000 Kids With Guitars)
  15. Cable Ties – “Cultural Capital” (Milk Records Split Singles Club Vol. 1)

Paranoia has been creeping in mixed feelings to all my friends … I’ve got friends who’ve died but everything’s going to be all right they’ll be with me by my side every night …



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