Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-23 (Episode 77)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 77.  I hope your memorial day was meaningful. Memorial Day is not a celebration of service as is veterans day, but rather, a time of reflection to remember those who have served.  Hence, hopefully you spent some time reflecting on the sacrifice of the many who have served this Country, preserved its values, and fought for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Now for the not so serious. There is not much reflection in this batch of tunes. This statement is based upon anonymous sources located in the White House and also based upon a Fox News article retweeted by FPOS about anonymous sources acting on fake news whose source is the FPOS. I’ve got a back channel… Episode 77 covers the full gamut of rock type music for want of a better label. Some of these Artists you should be familiar with (!!!, Slowdive, King Gizzard, and Stranglers) and I am particularly excited by the new King Gizzard album which is their second album released this year. Oh and it doesn’t come out for another month. You should also try the Slowdive track which is very representative of the album as a whole. If you are like me and ever searching for a good mix of tunes, I think on some level this episode will satisfy you. It certainly won’t be boring.

If you don’t read any of the nonsense above, please at least read this note: If you are sensitive to certain words, such as a certain word beginning with C and rhyming with bunt, then avoid the last track eh? I’m generally okay with fucker, but you know …sensitive ears.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #77:

  1. Baby Ghosts – “Sleepums” (A Surprise Party EP)
  2. Mirrored Image – “Go” ( The Pursuit of Happiness)
  3. Blond Ambition – “Hurricanes 2” ( Slow All Over)
  4. The Amazons  “Ultraviolet” (The Amazons)
  5. Bitch Queens – “B-Stock Babies” (L.O.V.E.)
  6. Sundressed – “The Highlights” ( A Little Less Put Together)
  7. Slowdive – “Star Rising” (Slowdive)
  8. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Altered Beast III” ( Murder of the Universe)
  9. Youth Killed It – “Fudge” (Modern Bollotics)
  10. !!! – “NRGQ” (Shake The Shudder)
  11. The Vacant Lots – “Waiting Period” (Endless Night)
  12. Beach Bums  “My Turn” (Lucid Dream)
  13. Pet Symmetry – “Hall Monitor” (Vision)
  14. Stranglers – “Nuclear Device” (The Wizard of Aus) (The Raven)
  15. The Infusion – “Doctor C**t F**ker” (Doctor Doctor)

So come on beat my silence the ultraviolet … I don’t really care about which way you vote’ cos my gerrymander works out fine I sell desert stretches like a big rubber glove to Japan for a nuclear device…


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