Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-20 (Episode 74)

A bit of an oddball episode. I was feeling contemplative when I started this, but by the end, I was a little aggressive. Not sure why. I could always blame FPOS, a consistent cause of anxiety, but even he is not the reason. There are also an inordinate of duo’s in this episode. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 74 is therefore a conundrum. You’ll be all thoughtful at the beginning . . . by the end you’ll be aggressively driving through traffic and screaming “I Hate You!” Remain calm …the feeling will pass. The final 3 song block is ..well…awesome! You’ll see…

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #74:

  1. Hazel English – “Make It Better” (Just Give In/Never Going Home)
  2. No Money Kids – “Man Down” (Hear The Silence)
  3. French For Rabbits – “It Will Be Okay” (The Weight of Melted Snow)
  4. Little Hurricane – “Isn’t It Great” (Same Sun Same Moon)
  5. Pinback – “B” (Some Offcell Voices)
  6. Talos – “ In Time” (Wild Alee)
  7. Slumb Party – “Factory” (Slumb Party EP)
  8. Charmer – “State Birds” (Best Worst Birthday Event EP/Whateversville EP)
  9. No Middle Name – “Reject Club” (Fondness)
  10. Black Angels – “I’d Kill For Her” (Death Song)
  11. Damaged Bug – “Mood Slime” (Bunker Funk)
  12. Volcano Heat – “Destroyer” (Black Mood Swings)
  13. Shadows – “Freedom Is Yours” (Illuminate)
  14. D.O.A. – “I Hate You” (War on 45 March to The End)
  15. Sumo Cyco – “The Broadcaster(Murdering By Radio)” (Opus Mar)

You wanna make a difference but it seems like you’re nothin’ you start to hate everything . . .When you cant put your finger on whats gone wrong, but you can fall asleep without the television on.


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