Tales From The Drop Box Episode 151 (2019-18)

I am gravely concerned that my day job interferes with my enjoyment. I am seriously considering abandoning work altogether. This plan would permit me to engage in having more fun i.e. doing things that give me pleasure. Now, I just have to figure out how to eat. No one informed me that working and eating go together. But music and sloth do! I’d like to spend my days f_ing around listening to music. It would be simple. However, until I can get the axis of my life to all rotate in the same direction, this is podcast is going to have to serve as the fun in between work. Like a sandwich. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 151 sandwiches 15 songs into about an hour of time. It is fun. It is filled with a bunch of cool bands you’ve probably not heard much about or have yet to discover. So, strap in, play loud and shake a tale feather while immersing yourself into the groovy tunes. Enjoy slothfulness.

I’m sorry I was away for a couple of weeks. I’m back. So are you. Are we good?

Here is what you’ll find in Episode 151:

  1. Mexico City Blondes – “Road Noise” (Blush)
  2. The Prescriptions – “Hollywood Gold” (Hollywood Gold)
  3. Th’ Losin Streaks – “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down ((This Band Will Self Destruct In) T-Minus)
  4. Reese McHenry – Bye Bye Baby” (No Dados)
  5. The Valley Lodge – “True” (Fog Machine)
  6. Finches of Attica – “Behind Below” (Far From Like Myself)
  7. Just Pacific – “Bang” (Virgo)
  8. All Gonna Die – “Traitor” (Traitor)
  9. Allister – “Moper” (Best Of . . . 20 Years And Counting)
  10. Spiral Stairs – “The Fool” (We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized)
  11. Writhing Squares – “Steely Eyed Missile Man” (Outside Of The Ether)
  12. Foxgrave – “Upper” (Dichotomy)
  13. Radar State – “Anywhere” (Strays)
  14. Generation X – “Kiss Me Deadly (2019 Remaster)” (Generation X)
  15. Melby – “Always” (None Of This Makes me Worry)

Take control of the population boom it’s in your living room keep a generation gap
try wearing a cap . . . and soon we forget about the way we looked, the dumb things that mattered as our lives just slipped away . . .