Tales From The Drop Box Episode 151 (2019-18)

I am gravely concerned that my day job interferes with my enjoyment. I am seriously considering abandoning work altogether. This plan would permit me to engage in having more fun i.e. doing things that give me pleasure. Now, I just have to figure out how to eat. No one informed me that working and eating go together. But music and sloth do! I’d like to spend my days f_ing around listening to music. It would be simple. However, until I can get the axis of my life to all rotate in the same direction, this is podcast is going to have to serve as the fun in between work. Like a sandwich. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 151 sandwiches 15 songs into about an hour of time. It is fun. It is filled with a bunch of cool bands you’ve probably not heard much about or have yet to discover. So, strap in, play loud and shake a tale feather while immersing yourself into the groovy tunes. Enjoy slothfulness.

I’m sorry I was away for a couple of weeks. I’m back. So are you. Are we good?

Here is what you’ll find in Episode 151:

  1. Mexico City Blondes – “Road Noise” (Blush)
  2. The Prescriptions – “Hollywood Gold” (Hollywood Gold)
  3. Th’ Losin Streaks – “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down ((This Band Will Self Destruct In) T-Minus)
  4. Reese McHenry – Bye Bye Baby” (No Dados)
  5. The Valley Lodge – “True” (Fog Machine)
  6. Finches of Attica – “Behind Below” (Far From Like Myself)
  7. Just Pacific – “Bang” (Virgo)
  8. All Gonna Die – “Traitor” (Traitor)
  9. Allister – “Moper” (Best Of . . . 20 Years And Counting)
  10. Spiral Stairs – “The Fool” (We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized)
  11. Writhing Squares – “Steely Eyed Missile Man” (Outside Of The Ether)
  12. Foxgrave – “Upper” (Dichotomy)
  13. Radar State – “Anywhere” (Strays)
  14. Generation X – “Kiss Me Deadly (2019 Remaster)” (Generation X)
  15. Melby – “Always” (None Of This Makes me Worry)

Take control of the population boom it’s in your living room keep a generation gap
try wearing a cap . . . and soon we forget about the way we looked, the dumb things that mattered as our lives just slipped away . . .


Tales From The Drop Box Episode 142 (2019-09)

I know you won’t take my advice this time. I know I can’t help you change you life. But I can. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 142 should change the way you think about the place music plays in your life. Without it, your heart is empty. Music should make you feel love, passion, desire, or make you happy. I have final figured out that good music is your soul anchor firing the neurons as your brain finds the pattern that connects sound with feeling. So, as you listen to this, hear the passion and save your soul. Take my advice this time.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode 142:

  1. Sunflower Bean – “Fear City” (King of the Dudes EP)
  2. The Candescents – “Wet Tuesday” (Grass EP)
  3. SWMRS – “Too Much Coffee” (Berkeley’s On Fire)
  4. This Means War! – “Why We Fight” (Heartstrings)
  5. Teresa Banks – “You’re The Problem” (Bridges We Build/Bridges We Burn)
  6. Sleepwalk – “Thrust” (Splatter)
  7. Radar State – “Damn The Man” (Strays)
  8. Ohmme – “At Night” (At Night b/w Give Me Back My Man)
  9. Flesheaters – “Black Temptation” (I Used To Be Pretty)
  10. Hi Mom! – “Apathy and Mediocrity” (Songs For Me)
  11. Frank The Baptist – “Tortured Messages” (Road Omen)
  12. Tokyo Police Club – “Simple Dude” (TPC)
  13. Mass Gothic – “Call Me” (I’ve Tortured You Long Enough)
  14. Urban Dogs – “Dragnet” (Urban Dogs)
  15. Party Nails – “Luxury of Love” (Past Lives and Paychecks)
I know you won’t take my advice this time I know I can’t make you change your mind . . .  I want you wearing white I want you in a frame nothing but a t-shirt dancing in the rain.