July 23 2012 Dropbox Notes


Okay…here are your some notes for this month’s releases. I’ve had to split the intended offerings into two groups in order to accommodate the size of the drop box. So, Part 1 will be available until July 30 and I will then drop in Part 2 which will also be available for only 7 days (August 11)!. Just trying to keep it interesting and to pick up the pace a bit. I’ve also have some new releases that I’m holding off on, so this is the time to stay focused….and have some fun.

So what’s so great about Part 1?  Loads I’d say. I have given you quite a variety of releases (I thought about putting in a Katy Perry show, but that urge quickly passed) from the early 1970’s to present – really there is a show from a couple of weeks ago. What is most interesting is that a number of the early bootlegs have exceptional quality, as they are either soundboard or studio recordings. In the world of bootlegs – these are the Holy Grail. I’ve also included a few audience recordings (taped from the audience). My favorite recollection of these types of bootlegs is an audience taped Elvis Costello bootleg where you can hear the person standing aside the taper shouting “This is fucking great!” excitedly. The recordings included here have none of that…although I think you feel like you are in the audience for most of them. A couple of these are official bootlegs (e.g. Nirvana, Pixies, and Elvis Costello) which the record company decided to release. I’ll note them when I get to them. Finally, the best way to enjoy these is either with the headphones on and turned way up…or in your car, volume at 10.

 Adverts – Manchester Electric Circus 26-06-1977 [1977]

Adverts - Electric Circus June 26 1977

The Damned set was widely bootlegged and lead singer Dave Vanian played the show with his arm in a sling:

Damned - Dave Vanian

Check out: “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes,” “One Chord Wonders,” and “Bored Teenagers.”

Black Keys – Alcatraz, Milan Italy January 30, 2012 (Broadcast) [2012]

A radio broadcast from the Black Keys in Milan demonstrating a tight band playing a very small venue. Playing a fair amount of stuff from their new record, “El Camino,” the BK’s mixed in some other gems including “Ten Cent Pistol” and Chop and Change.”

Black Keys Live

Of course, you can pick your favorite Black Keys songs by now, but if you are new, try “Tighten Up,” “Lonely Boy” and “I Got Mine.”

Note: there is no track 1 which was the intro to the radio show.

Afghan Whigs – Flip Your Whig (Italy 1994) [1994]

Apart from the fact that Greg Dulli has one of the greatest voices in rock n’ roll, he also is a terrifically funny and creative guy. You never knew what you were going to get at an Afghan Whig show, and this performance in Italy is a great example. While introducing the song “Retarded (Track 8) to the crowd which in Italy was rather limp he quips: “This song is from our first record called Up in It. You ever heard of it…on Sub Pop? Does anybody care? No? Okay.”

Afghan Whigs

Also, the fact that there were actual lyrics to the songs, Dulli often ignored them and added lyrics from other songs to the mix such as the Spinners’ “I’ll Be Around” is sung in the middle of “Turn on the Water ” and lyrics from Prince’s “When Doves Cry” gets mixed into “You My Flower.” This show covers several songs from “Gentleman” which was their major label debut after two previous records on Sub Pop.

All good fun. Try “Gentleman,” “Turn On The Water” and “Come See About Me.” Note: We’ll see Greg appear again in Part 2 of this special edition with the Twilight Singers!

Arcade Fire – 2001 Demos

Well, now that Arcade Fire are a big time award winning band, I thought you might be curious to listen to where they started. I’ve put this in the drop box before, but since there are some new members, I’ve dropped them in again. Note how the sound is pretty typical indie pop and does not contain the layered vocals and massive instrumentation of Funeral, Neon Bible, or the Suburbs. Still a great listen though.

Arcade Fire Demos 2001

Arctic Monkeys – Berlin, DE – 06-20-11

This audience recording, from the Suck It and See Tour, shows the Monkeys in fine form in a fairly small venue (The Admiralpalast seats 2000) which is unusual these days for a band that plays stadiums in the UK. This concert is a pretty even mix between old songs and new with a greatest hits type section about mid-show. What is noticeable is that this is a pretty high paced show, and if you are a Monkeys fan, then you will get that the band is really trying to please the crowd, which is all German, and sings along to most of the tracks.

Arctic Monkeys Berlin

There is a pretty good review of this show here: http://letsgetcynical.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/review-arctic-monkeys-admiralspalast-berlin-20th-june-2011/

Try: “Humbug,” “Brick by Brick” and “All My Own Stunts.”

Band of Skulls – Lowlands Festival 2010 [2010]

I’ve dropped a couple of Band of Skulls things previously, so you should be familiar with the band if you are listening. This is a really good recording of the band playing at the Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands on 08-20-2010. Check out the amazing version of “Impossible” (and the video here: http://youtu.be/Iey-gtT9aA  in all its 9:27 glory).

Band Of Skulls Lowlands Festival 2010

Bauhaus – Club Metro, Chicago, 7 December 1982 [1982]

The birth of Goth belongs to Bauhaus. I know, the Cure tries to take the credit, but really, if you were there in the post punk world, Bauhaus defined what it meant to dress all in black, come out only at night, and never tan. It helped that the band was from England, which never sees the sun. The Sound, derived from Glam and Punk, with a twist of rockabilly, is the goth archetype defined by Bauhaus. I loved this band, primarily because I was introduced to them by a cover of “Telegram Sam” (originally done by Marc Bolan & T.Rex). Although not covered here, this really is a Bauhaus greatest hits record as the band was trying to make their presence known in an America not ready for anything they represented. Check out “Terror Couple Kill Colonel,” “She’s In Parties” and “Kick in the Eye.”

Bauhaus Club Metro Chicago

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