Just For Fun Concerts EP 2015-03

Ah…Episode #3…and I’m in a pop mood as the holidays are rapidly approaching. Here’s a soundtrack for your shopping, partying, or just hanging around – either put the headphones in or play loud and just keep smiling!

Playlist 2015-12-13 EP 03:

  1. Looming – “Cotton Mouth” (Nailbiter)
  2. Mixtapes – “Bad Parts” (Ordinary Silence)
  3. San Cisco – “Run” (Gracetown)
  4. Scouting for Girls – “Still Thinking About You” (Still Thinking About You)
  5. Bad Veins – “Don’t Run” (The Mess Remade)
  6. Vaccines – “Handsome” (English Graffiti)
  7. Elwins – “Show Me How To Move” (Play For Keeps)
  8. Interpol – “Everything Is Wrong” (Spotify Sessions)
  9. Mal Blum – “Better Go” (You Look A lot Like Me)
  10. Moke – All That I Wanted (The Time Has Come)
  11. The Most Serene Republic – “Ontario Morning” (Mediac)
  12. Tellison – “Letter to the Team after Another Imperfect Season” (Hope Fading Nightly)
  13. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “In the Heat of the Moment” (Chasing Yesterdays)
  14. Ryan Adams – “Shake It Off” (1989)
  15. Velociraptor – “All You Need” (Velociraptor)

Until next time…I hope your holidays are joyous and next year is filled with much peace, love and happiness…

Peace out.


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