Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-04

There is a slew of new music to slay you this in this episode. I have also located a couple of “stragglers” from 2015 that I found knocking about that I also think you’ll enjoy. Here is an idea of what you will hear in this episode 8 – some fast ones, some slow ones, some fuzzy ones, some blue ones, and at least one love song (and it is not the song that has love in the title although I like to spend time in the palace of love). Milk is mentioned twice in this episode. There are also three body parts noted at various points. Finally, I am curious about the social and psychological consequences of a drunk text that receives no reply from both the sender and the recipient perspectives. Well, I guess I’ll ponder those consequences for a bit. You should also probably ponder those consequences and perhaps you’ll have time to consider others while listening to this episode. Right?

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #8:

Episode 08 2016-02-08

  1. Milk Teeth – “Brain Food” (Vile Child)
  2. Battleme – “Shake Shake” (Habitual Love Songs)
  3. Together Pangea – “My Head Is On Too Tight (Phage EP)
  4. Better Off – “”This Day Will Never End” (Milk)
  5. Lusts – “Waves” (Illuminations)
  6. Blank Realm – Palace of Love (Illegals in Heaven)
  7. Sea Pinks – “Everything in Sight” (Soft Days)
  8. Ghosts – “Drunk Text (No Reply)” (Superstar)
  9. Ty Segall – “Diversion” (Emotional Mugger)
  10. Death By Pleasure – “What’s Wrong” (No Stall Greek)
  11. Bloc Party – “The Good News” (Hymns)
  12. Coffee or Not? – “May I Lay Down?” (Everything Is Falling Down)
  13. Basement – “Submission” (Promise Everything)
  14. Sunflower Bean – “Wall Watcher” (Human Ceremony)
  15. Citizens! – “All I Want Is You” (European Soul)

My head is on too tight so I’m going to go unscrew it a bit…

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