Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-03

Another installment of the unpredictably scheduled podcast featuring a variety of unheard (not sure that is quite accurate, but oh well) music not played on U.S. radio, at least any radio within range (airwaves or satellite) of ground zero (where I record these shows). So, if you are suffering with insipid repetitive “pop” or what they are marketing as “alternative rock” or “indie” then perhaps these episodes are good palate cleaners, paving the way for you to reconsider the vast amounts of amazing music that deserves to be heard. Success is largely about exposure and so hopefully this cast is a small part in filling that exposure gap. If you consider the music you are force fed daily by commercial radio, then it is my hope that this humble podcast forces you out of your comfort zone – to actively choose to listen to something different (and what I think, and hope you think, is good) and consciously shut the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplays out of your life – forever.

You should know the drill by now, but if you don’t, the cast is 15 songs in whatever time that takes. Here is what you’ll find in Episode #7:

Episode 07 2016-01-30

  1. Daughter – “No Care” (Not To Disappear)
  2. Her – “5 Minutes” (Her Tape # 1)
  3. Banners – “Start A Riot” (Banners)
  4. Gang of Youths – Benevolence Riots (The Positions)
  5. Tellison – “Boy” (Hope Fading Nightly)
  6. The Future Dead – “Next Life Girl” (Feelings)
  7. Lovers Electric – “New Day” (Strangers)
  8. Savages – “Evil” (Adore Life)
  9. The Besnard Lakes – “Necronomicon” (A Coliseum Complex Museum)
  10. G-Whiz – “Thrust” (Hook)
  11. The I Don’t Cars – “Wear Me Out Loud” (Wild Stab)
  12. The Candle Thieves – “This House Is For Sale (Chemicals Of The Imagination)
  13. Jungle Giants – Lemon Myrtle” (Speakerzoid)
  14. White Fang – “Wander” (Chunks)
  15. Elizabeth & the Delusionals – “Outside” (The Time Spent On The Inside EP)

Until next time – I’m on the outside…and it looks like rain…

2 thoughts on “Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-03

  1. Hi Kelly, finally had a chance to listen to one of these podcasts, very good! Great to hear some new music, keep up the good work!

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