Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-02

Snappy. Best way to describe this episode.  Like always, expect the unexpected. If you know me (and most of you don’t) you should probably be aware that I am not too terribly interested into what particular genre a particular piece of music might fall. I like it – I play it. Labeling is a stereotype device that I struggle to overcome. Why? I have recently discovered that I must not make important decisions (such as what type of music I enjoy) based upon unconscious biases that I have. These unconscious biases negatively impact my song selections. That is, my unconscious biases prevent me from identifying and exploring new artists and songs because these cognitive shortcuts quickly and unfairly discard them based upon incomplete and inaccurate information. Now I just try them all. Now you know. Free your subconscious mind to consciously enjoy!

Important note: For those of you whom are sensitive to the repeated use of the F-word, it might be a good idea to skip “Time Traveling” (Track 11), eh?

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #6:

Episode 06 2016-01-19

  1. Dresses – “Catch” (Let Down)
  2. Drenge – “We Can Do What We Want” (Undertow)
  3. Meat Wave – “Vacation” (Delusion Moon)
  4. Paper Aeroplanes – “Emily” (Joy)
  5. Grizfolk – “Troublemaker” (Waking Up the Giants)
  6. DIIV – “Out Of Mind” (Is the Is Are)
  7. British India – “This Is How It Feels” (Nothing Touches Me)
  8. Oso Oso – “This Must Be A Place” (Real Stories of True People, Who Kind Of Looked Like Monsters)
  9. Title Fight – “Rose OF Sharon” (Hyperview)
  10. White Reaper – “Pills” (White Reaper Does it Again)
  11. The Fuck Of And Dies “Time Traveling” (Dear Liver)
  12. The Breaks – “Looking Down the Back Roads (Back Roads)
  13. Alpha Brodega – “For She Loved Me Not” (Solstice)
  14. Sweet Serenades – “Never Gonna Stop” (Animals)
  15. The Anti-Queens – “4 Tits” (Start Running)

Until next time….I’m time traveling!


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