Upcoming Releases and Drop Box Requests

Here we are just a couple of days after the latest drop, and already there are a number of new releases worth a spin. The most interesting of these is the newest release by the legendary Del-Lords:


The Del-Lords – Elvis Club (2013)


Del-LordsThe Del-Lords have set a May 14, 2013 release date for their new album, Elvis Club, their first new studio album since 1990.
The reunited band features founding members Scott Kempner, Eric Ambel and Frank Funaro and they are joined by new bassist Michael DuClos.
“Elvis Club confirms to me what I always felt the band could do,” says Ambel. “To me, it’s a different kind of record for us, in that there isn’t so much of a theme to it as a feel, a real band feel. I didn’t really think of it as unfinished business; it was more like ‘Here’s what we can do now.”
With Ambel producing the band for the first time, and the sessions taking place at his Brooklyn studio Cowboy Technical Services, the band was able to record on its own terms and in its own time


“That was a big departure from every record we’ve made in the past,” Ambel observes. “Playing with the guys felt effortless and natural, and it was fantastic to build this thing ourselves, from the ground up. We made the record we wanted to make, based on our own enjoyment. That’s as good as it gets for me.”


“Working with Eric as producer really opened up the musical palette,” Kempner notes. “He was never at a loss for ideas, and he’s quickly inside the music and hears everything from all angles. He can take ideas, including my own, digest the intent, and more often than not, come up with a tweaked version of the idea that’s better than the one suggested. He also knows his way around the lunch options in the neighborhood, which is a crucial contribution, and has the best coffee of any studio I’ve ever worked in.


“On top of that,” Kempner continues, “Eric’s playing has really expanded. Other than ‘Everyday,’ he plays all the leads on the record. That in itself was a big sea change for us, but he kept coming up with ideas and I loved every one of them. The same was true with Frank; his playing has grown tall and strong, and busted a hole in our ceiling.”

After a few spins, already a favorite on my iPad.

Also, for next month are new releases by

Fall Out Boy ( surprisingly good)

Kurt Vile – Wakin On A Pretty Daze [2013]

Dead Sons – The Hollers and the Hymns [2013]

Depeche Mode – Delta Machine [Deluxe Edition] [2013]

Filthy Boy – Smile That Won’t Go Down [2013]

Grapes of Wrath – High Road [2013]

Lydia – Devil [2013]

Murder By Death – As You Wish Kickstarter Covers [2013]

Rilo Kiley – RKives [2013]

Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin [2013]

Thermals – Desperate Ground [2013]

Virginmarys – King of Conflict [Deluxe Edition] [2013]

Wavves – Afraid of Heights [2013]

If you have anything special you would like to see, drop me a note or a comment.

stay tuned for more . . .





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