4 thoughts on “March 17, 2014 Dropbox Notes

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Fran found this and sent it to my g-mail account. I lost access to the Dropbox when my computer picked up a nasty virus and crashed. The poor machine is too old to fix and will be buying a new PC in May. Send us an e-mail as I lost your e-mail address from the office. We are sharing Fran’s PC for now. Fran got the Lorde CD from Chris (who LOVED it) and I was not impressed. I couldn’t even tell which song was the single. Looks like I’m missing some cool music…..John.

  2. Hello Kelly! I miss new music Fridays. 🙁 I hope all is well. I just copied Reverend Horton Heat, thanks for the music. Christine 🙂

    • Hey Christine! I guess I missed your comment – Hope all is working out with you. We, of course, miss you as well. However, you now get the beneefit of all the new music Fridays – just all at one. If you need something, or want to chat – you know where to call. K

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