Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-21 (Episode 25)

As promised, Episode 25 of Tales From The Dropbox is being released with only a short delay after the one I gave you earlier this week. As a special treat this is the 2nd all female vocal episode of Tales From the Dropbox. Seriously, this year is producing some terrific records in a wide variety of genres from female fronted rock/punk/pop artists and Episode 25 I think demonstrates the breadth and diversity of the music of these great musicians – if you take the time to listen.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day so the only issue of merit is the sacrifice of the women and men and their families whom have served the interests of our nation. Regardless of your individual beliefs about war, there is no denying the sacrifice these honorable individuals have given for the belief in our country and the democratic ideals which define our nation. Similar sacrifices were and are made by servicepersons throughout the world and those should be remembered as well because to remember is to give meaning to those deaths. That sacrifice, in America, is explained by the pledge of allegiance, thirty-one words that define democracy and our commitment to those ideals:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The pledge stands as an affirmation of unity. Memorial Day stands as a remembrance for those individuals who sacrificed, together, for the United State of America. Given the current state of racial disharmony and distrust of government in our nation, perhaps reflecting on these ideals encompassed in the pledge and which we, in shorthand form, describe as “freedom” and for which so many of our fellow citizens gave their lives in pursuit – with liberty and justice for all – can reorient our thinking towards achieving the ultimate democratic ideal – unity – one nation and indivisible.

You can honor these brave freedom fighters and their families by remembering them.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #25:

  1. Sweet Jean – “Main Street” (Monday to Friday)
  2. Buddies – “Gumbo” (Confusion)
  3. Beebe Gallini – “Little Sister” (Need All The Help I Can Get)
  4. Wild Belle – “Coyotes” (Dreamland)
  5. Misty Miller – “Stars” (The Whole Family is Worried)
  6. Adia Victoria – “Head Rot” (Beyond the Bloodhounds)
  7. Giant Peach – “Deserted” (Tarantula)
  8. John Heart Jackie – “Race Car” (Episodes)
  9. Slow Worries – “Bedside Manners” (Slow Worries)
  10. Kitten Forever – “Souvenir” (7 Hearts)
  11. Bird of Youth – “Sons & Daughters” (Get Off)
  12. A Giant Dog – “Not A Miracle” (Pile)
  13. Dream Wife – “Lolita” (EP01)
  14. Pity Sex – “Orange and Red” (White Hot Moon)
  15. Against The Current – “Running With the Wild Things” (In Our Bones)

Who’s going to fix this broken home held together with string and stone…take your money f_ck it honey … who is going to win?



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