Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-24 (Episode 28)

Welcome to Episode 28 of Tales from the Dropbox. The show notes for this episode are different than I had originally planned. For those of you who don’t regularly read these notes I try to articulate as intelligently as I can (very low bar) a particular social issue and why the issue is relevant in order to provide some food for thought as you listen to each podcast. Sounds simple, right?

As the aftermath of the latest mass shooting unfolds this morning in Orlando, which some observers have already pointed out is the largest in U.S. history (as if the magnitude of the tragedy is somehow greater if the number of victims is larger) the relevant social issue is easy to identify but apparently impossible to resolve: the large scale availability of military style weapons, specifically, the AR-15, a fully automatic, easily-handled, killing machine. The AR-15 is the common thread in all of these repeated tragedies.

As always, the media focus will be on the “why” of the situation.  After all, it was a gay nightclub and the shooter, named Omar, and these facts will make the media frenzy and talking heads crazy trying to explain the rational and motivation for these murders. At the end of it all, the Feds will likely describe it as an event by a lone wolf terrorist.  This conclusion is what the Federal government will want you and needs you  to believe for a number of reasons unrelated to the shooting itself.

I am angry and appalled by the lack of a reasoned and active response to these tragedies by the persons we have elected to make policy for the benefit and safety of all people in this country. There are no real satisfactory answers for any of these tragedies because the “why” question is not an issue we should be concerned with. The question of import and concern that needs to be addressed is this: why have we, as a nation, not been able to prevent these tragedies?

Answer: We do not have sensible gun control.

This latest tragedy should heighten our sensitivity to what is the truly baffling unresolved mystery:

Why has Congress not introduced any gun reform legislation since Sandy Hook in 2013?

What is needed is immediate federal legislation that starts to resolve the current open safety concerns, such as the need for legislation that:

(a) Restricts possession of automatic weapons to military and police use while on duty only;

(b) Controls and tracks ammunition purchases;

(c) Implements waiting periods for purchases made through gun shows; and

(d) Requires private purchase transactions be made through a police station “escrow.”

Note: None of the above proposals takes guns out of the hands of legitimate users.

Sure, reasonable minds can differ as to how to implement a plan to remove automatic weapons (including semi-automatic weapons) from private armories, but why should we not error on the side of caution and implement the strongest possible restrictions and then tinker thereafter to strike the proper balance. What is more important – human life or the right to own and possess a gun?

For more information on sensible gun control: http://smartgunlaws.org/

Contact your congressperson and let them know that they need to get off their fat $#^#^ asses and actually do something to prevent the recurrence of these tragic events. You can find out the contact information for your representative here: Members of Congress.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #28:

  1. Ladyhawke – “Let It Roll” (Wild Things)
  2. Mourn – “Evil Dead” (Ha Ha He)
  3. The Temper Trap – “Summers Almost Gone” (Thick as Thieves)
  4. Sunsets North – “Goodbye Syndrome” (So Far, So Good)
  5. Royal Tusk – “Soon” (DealBreaker)
  6. Rogue Wave – “Ocean” (Delusions of Grand Fur)
  7. Garbage – “Empty” (Strange Little Birds)
  8. California Snow Story – “Motorway” (Some Other Places)
  9. Fruit Bats – “None of Us” (Absolute Loser)
  10. Tibet – “So Low You Forget How to Lose” (Above the Moon)
  11. The Everyday Anthem – “Risqué Endeavors” (Call It Infatuation)
  12. Diarrhea Planet – “Bob Dylan’s Grandma” (Turn to Gold)
  13. Two Cartoons – “Warning” (Happiness is Trouble)
  14. Walking on Cars – “Love Backs Down” (Everything This Way)
  15. Superbus – “Jusqu’a La Mer” (Sixtape)

You ought to be careful when putting your heart out there … so don’t say no we’ll go slow… in the end we’ll just pretend…

No matter where you choose to draw the line – make gun control your issue.

Let’s be careful out there.



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