Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-47 (Episode 51)

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving! Tales From The Drop Box Episode 51 is reasonably straightforward this week containing a sampling of a bunch of bands from foreign countries who deserve a listen no matter where you or they are located.  After all, if Trump has his way the only media will be Trump media and I’m of the sincere belief that the content of Tales From The Dropbox would be perceived as a threat and consequently does not squarely fit with his view of making America great again. I dissent.

As Mrs. Belding aptly put it – better not to discuss politics in these things – so I won’t. I also concur with her belief that it is always a better goal each day to put your best ear forward (look on the bright side of life!) and seek out new tunes to put you in a good mood and continue to follow the only rule that matters: be a good human. I think this episode achieves that humble goal.

As I am still basking in the afterglow of thanksgiving and because I have much to be thankful for, I am poignantly aware that there are many whom do not share the great fortune that my family and I do. Thus, this time of year is also a good time to reflect not only on the good fortune that we enjoy but also to take action by supporting those causes and charities that need our help providing for those whose needs are greater than our own:


So as this holiday season begins, click the link above and support your own, local, social issues and causes. Mr. Belding is in LA so that’s where I began. Search out your own city and support those services. They need your support. Be a good human. Take action.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #51:

  1. Drahla – “Fictional Decision” (Fictional Decision (Single))
  2. Lawn Social – “Wish You Well” (Ghosts)
  3. Welcome Home – “Wait” (Just Happy To Be Here)
  4. The Ocean Party – “Pressure” (Restless)
  5. The Pack A.D. – “So What” (Positive Thinking)
  6. Radkey  “Marvel” (Delicious Rock Noise)
  7. Papa – “Comforts A Killer” (Kick At The Dust)
  8. Future Orients – “Running” (Eat or Die)
  9. Male Bonding – “Wrench” (Headache)
  10. This Becomes Us – “Simple Two” (This Becomes Us)
  11. Berwanger – “I Want You Bad” (Exorcism Rock)
  12. Boston Manor – “Stop Trying Be Nothing” (Be Nothing)
  13. Pennywise – “No Way Out” (Nineteen Eighty Eight)
  14. fIREHOSE – “Chemical Wire” (Ragin’ Full On)
  15. RVIVR – “Real Mean” (RVIVR)

I’m the paint on the road the weight of your load with the cracked glass ground fuck it . . . So many times you’d like to just leave behind but there’s no way out, no way out.


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