Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-49 (Episode 53)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 53 arrives free of social issue commentary shortly after Episode 52. Continuing with the alt-pop-o-rama theme of the last episode, I think this show is much more positive sounding, i.e. less dark thoughts. Also, be forewarned that this is a foreign influenced show from countries well positioned to hack our minds and not our emails. Caution is therefore encouraged. This show will be like candy – sweet unless you eat too much. As such handle this episode with care… but play loud!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #53:

  1. Twist – “Bleached” (Spectral)
  2. Sunset Sons – “Remember” (Very Rarely Say Die (Deluxe Edition))
  3. Night Flowers – “Embers” (Night Flowers)
  4. Saint Motel – “Getaway” (saintmotelvision)
  5. Mugison – “Please” (Enjoy!)
  6. Owel – “Places” (Dear Me)
  7. Gospel Dating Service – “A Temptation” (Champagne)
  8. Nouvelle Vague – “Love Comes In Spurts” (I Could Be Happy)
  9. Kytes – “Inner Cinema” (Heads and Tales)
  10. Trashcan Sinatras – “All Night” (Wild Pendulum)
  11. STRFKR – “Never Ever” (Being No One, Going Nowhere)
  12. White Lies – “Take It out On Me” (Friends)
  13. Jeff Rosenstock – “I Did Something Weird Last Night” (Worry!)
  14. Echo & The Bunnymen  “Crocodiles” (BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert)
  15. Leather Jacuzzi – “Don’t Touch Me (I’m A Punk) (Monsters, Narcs and Idiots)

Come on DJ earn your money because I’m at work on Monday do your job…baby, love comes in spurts in dangerous flirts and it murders your heart


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