Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-08 (Episode 62)

I’m catching up a little bit on some older stuff that I’ve been fascinated with over the past couple of weeks. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 62 still has a bunch of new stuff as well as some upcoming goodies, but I do drift back to explore a couple of things at the beginning of this episode that I missed playing for you last year. As for the rest of the podcast and the music designed to transport you elsewhere, in the interest of transparency, this gaggle of goodies is open to all i.e. free enjoyment! I am not going to deny access to any media outlet or any individual who might share a difference of opinion as to whether any of this stuff is immediately enjoyable. Remember, in almost all cases, the artist’s parents will claim to you that they truly enjoy the songs performed by their children that I am playing in this episode. This would include presumably the parents of the guys in Cabbage and Meat Wave. The goal with each podcast is to explore, experiment, and discover just like PBS and NASA (for as long as those government funded agencies continue to exist). So share with your friends!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #62:

  1. The Pack A.D. – “Teenage Crime” (Positive Thinking)
  2. The Slow Show – “Breaks Today” (Dream Darling)
  3. Call It Off – “Anesthesia” (Abandoned)
  4. Clock Opera – “Cat’s Eye” (Venn)
  5. As It Is – “Pretty Little Distance” (okay.)
  6. Cabbage – “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” (Young Dumb And Full Of…)
  7. Beach Slang – “ Bored Teenagers” (Here, I Made This For You – Beach Slang Mixtape Vol. 2)
  8. Meat Wave – “Glass Teeth” (The Incessant)
  9. Vant  “Parking Lot” (Dumb Blood)
  10. The Windowsill  “Destroy The Rest of Me” (Make Your Own Kind of Music)
  11. Souvenirs – “Float (feat. Davey Havoc)” (Posture of Apology)
  12. The Pigeon Detectives – “ Wolves” ( Broken Glances)
  13. Dollyrots – “Walking on Sunshine” (Whiplash Smile)
  14. The Damned – “Smash It Up” (Machine Gun Etiquette [25th Anniversary Remastered Edition])
  15. Sarah Bethe Nelson – “Hazy” (Oh, Evolution)

I want to cross stitch shut my eyes, wage a war on the world outside, brace the barricade in my mind, but that’s alright I stretch the truths ’til they lose shape . . . wait a minute cause your hearts not in it.


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