Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-16 (Episode 70)

So we are back on the “normal” schedule and Tales From The Drop Box returns with Episode 70 – primed and ready with an up tempo whack at a bunch of new music. This should keep your weekend smooth running while you are driving around town. This is driving music and it should make you feel good . . . Almost all of the tunes are pretty brand spanking new this episode, so no complaints that you are not up on what’s happening in the trenches with bands not played on radio. Oh… except for the Wipers track, which is, of course, a classic but also wasn’t played on radio.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #70:

  1. Black Honey – “Cadillac” (Somebody Better)
  2. Nothington – “Cobblestones” (In the End)
  3. Decade – “Anaemia” ( Pleasantries)
  4. Undo – “No Senses To Call” (Undo)
  5. Redskin Girl  “Mental Confusion” (Mental Confusion)
  6. DiCaprio – “Black House” ( I Went To the Mall Yesterday And I Got Sick)
  7. The Obsessives – “You’re Gonna Be” ( LP2)
  8. Circa Waves  “Stuck” (Different Creatures)
  9. Creeper – “Darling” ( Eternity, In Your Arms)
  10. Can’t Swim – “Friend” (Fail You Again)
  11. Heart Like Lions – “Get Through This” ( If I Never Speak Again)
  12. Dying For It – “Grace” ( Dying For It)
  13. Wild Wing – “More Room For Us” ( Doomed II Repeat)
  14. Wipers – “Return of The Rat” (Is This Real?)
  15. Hater – “Carpet” (You Tried)

Well you better watch out well you better beware they’re coming from all sides of the country return of the rat . . . some days I lace my coffee with poison just to feel the hit and I’ve been cheating death for years

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