Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-18 (Episode 72)

Episode 72 of Tales From The Drop Box is the product of hours of research, listening, and diligent internet searching. My family might say the effort to bring you the best possible new music not played on commercial radio is a complete waste of my #$^% time. I think the effort is worth it because I cannot fathom what my world would look like if all I had was KROQ as the sole source of music. Brain dead. Endlessly recycled. Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m depressed already. I am also not sure how I ended up with children who only like hip hop and rap, but I did. So, they are not listening to this podcast in part because it is filled with all things that make your feet stomp and put a wiggle in your walk. The other part is likely due to the fact that I’m their dad and it’s not too cool to actually like the same music as your parents.Some kids do share a common love of musically tastes. I didn’t share it with either of my parents who alternated between Frank Sinatra, Tony Orlando & Dawn and classical. It’s okay. I survived. But it also probably explains the 70’s pop edges that I enjoy in these songs. You know…I like ‘em when it’s all bouncy…

Keep it clean.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #72:

  1. Shitkid – “I Wanna Go To LA” (EP2)
  2. Adult Magic – “Shrimpkiss” (Adult Magic EP)
  3. Dumb – “Why Fight” (Live Fast Die Dumb)
  4. Mom Jeans – Danger Can’t” (Best Buds)
  5. San Fermin – “Better Company” (Belong)
  6. Pure Muscle – Trust in Me” (Demonstration)
  7. Short Days – “Suicide City” (Short Days)
  8. Holy Holy – “December” (Paint)
  9. Ha Ha Tonka  “Race To The Bottom” (Heart-Shaped Mountain)
  10. S*M*A*S*H – “Erin” (Goodbye Welwyn Garden City)
  11. Heart Attack Man – “Blood Orange Sun” (The Manson Family)
  12. No Sun – “Drown In You” (If Only)
  13. Bash & Pop – “Anybody Else” (Anything Could Happen)
  14. Black Flag – “ Jealous Again” (VA – The Blasting Concept)
  15. The Wild Reeds – “ Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)” (The World We Built)

You’re jealous again no, she’s just a friend, why can’t I do anything without being yelled at? always on the phone . . . Drown in you, another night visit our past lives but we’re just passing by

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