Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-33 (Episode 87)

Thought I would drop some love on you as a surprise, and hopefully a pleasant one to brighten up your week. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 87 picks up where Episode 86 left off – a little more poppy in flavor for yet another fine sunny SoCal day. The music is awesome so come on in.

I actually deleted a full paragraph that was so negative I had to take pause and press delete.  I can’t believe how angry I become when I see that clown we call the President and observe stupid in action. Fire and fury, my ass. So, I’m going to chill out and instead of the screed I actually wrote, I have left a happy space for you to fill with happy thoughts below. I wish it was bigger, but you can use your imagination:

[                                             HAPPY SPACE                                      ]

See, I’m now happy and hopefully you’re happy too!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #87:

  1. Waxahatchee – “Never Been Wrong” (Out In The Storm)
  2. Death Valley Rally – “Tick Tick Boom!” (Northern Lights)
  3. VHS Vince – “Pinball” (Tape #1)
  4. Fuzzystar – “Longest Day” (Telegraphing)
  5. Daisyhead – “Dark Circus” (In Case You Missed It)
  6. Amber Arcades – “Which Will” (Cannonball)
  7. Trevor Sensor – “Andy Warhol’s Dream” (Andy Warhol’s Dream)
  8. The Kills – “Echo Home” (Non-Electric EP)
  9. In Wooden Sky – “Life Is Pain, Pain Is Beauty” (Swimming In Strange Waters)
  10. Popguns – “The Outsider” (Sugar Kisses)
  11. Shadowgraphs – “Hit Of The Truth” (Venomous Blossom)
  12. Sextile – “Sterilized” (Albeit Living)
  13. Daniel Romano – “Ugly Human Heart Pt. 1” (Modern Pressure)
  14. Marshall Crenshaw & The Handsome Ruthless and Stupid Band – “You’re My Favorite Waste of Time” (Attack of The Killer B’s)
  15. Bad Cop Bad Cop – “Warriors” (Warriors)

Here I am I’m playin’ daydreamin’ fool again you’re my favorite game and you are the one whose got my head in the clouds above you’re the one I love… Maybe you’ll go out of your mind you can lose it all if you wanna maybe you’ll go out of mine it’s been so long


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