Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-44 (Episode 98)

Oddball episode today. A little all over the map, but it kind of all works in my biased opinion.  Tales From the Drop Box Episode #98 is yet another excellent opportunity to hear some music that you likely have missed over the past several months. Short show notes today, as well. Not because I’ve run out of topics, but rather it is taking a little more effort to keep up with the various political investigations. I am currently highly interested in the Paradise Papers. ( Google it – there is a ton of information about the papers now). Fascinating how many rich people hide their money in the same way. Who would have guessed that the Queen of England was on the list! Here are two perspectives on the import of the massive data breach one from Canada and one from the ICIJ – the worldwide journalist cooperative that coordinated the effort.

Also, sad to hear of the death of Fred Cole. A Portland legend and best known for his work with Dead Moon and Pierced Arrows he will be truly missed.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #98:

  1. Kraków Loves Adana – Call Yourself New
  2. Anti-Flag – “American Attraction” (American Fall)
  3. Ty Segall – “ Is It Real” (Fried Shallots)
  4. OCS – “Cadaver Dog” (Orc)
  5. Part Time Friends – “Don’t Give Up” (Fingers Crossed)
  6. Kooks  “Junk Of The Heart (Happy)” (The Best of …So Far)
  7. Linecutters – “Mademoiselle” (Anthill)
  8. Prosecution – Forlorn” (The Unfollowing)
  9. Capitalist Kids – “Decent Proposal” (Brand Damage)
  10. Porn Bloopers – “Laser Beam” (Blooper Reel)
  11. Flowers of Evil – “Police Dog” (City of Fear)
  12. Daylight Robbery – “Shadows On The Snow” (Accumulated Error)
  13. Guide Dog – “Guillotine” (Lovely Domestic Bliss)
  14. Shrapnel – “Go Cruisin’ ” (Go Cruisin’ b/w Way Out World)
  15. Blank Spell – “Larval” (Misama)

We go cruisin’ every night,we don’t need to read or write I just wanna rock and roll . . . There’s no escaping the American attraction a bait and switch that’s gonna thrill you with distraction


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