Tales From The Drop Box 2018-23 (Episode 124)


I’ll bet you are glad that the introductory notes to this episode of Tales From The Drop Box Episode 124 are going to be thankfully short after last episode’s lengthy discussion of the California ballot propositions. I have a full week of work ahead, so you get the benefit – very little to read but a ton of good stuff to listen to in this show. I was digging around and found a couple of tracks that for some reason or another didn’t make it into the podcast because they were awkward. For example, the track by The Weeks “Button” is a live cut with a drum solo at the end. I love the song, but couldn’t figure out how to fit it smoothly into the show. I still haven’t, but I’m comfortable just dropping it in the middle of the show and living with it. The show is filled with these misaligned misfits but I have enjoyed every song in this episode a number of times before offering it up for your listening pleasure. Hopefully you like a little awkwardness in your music!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #124:

  1. The Regrettes – “Come Through” (Attention Seeker)
  2. Family Of The Year – “Two Kids” (Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Nighttime)
  3. Beachtape – “Fix It Up” (Fix It Up b/w Figure It Out 7’’)
  4. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – “Muckraker” (12 Bar Bruise)
  5. The Weeks – “Buttons” (Inside The Pines)
  6. Starcrawler – “I Love L.A.” (Starcrawler)
  7. Tancred – “Hot Star” (Nightstand)
  8. Drinking Boys and Girls Choir – “I’m A Fucking McDonalds” (Keep Drinking)
  9. Assuming We Survive – “Make It out Alive” (Chapters EP)
  10. Thrice – “Hold Up A Light” (Palms)
  11. Gino and the Goons – “Wring Side Of A Cigarette” (She Was Crushed EP)
  12. Last Dinosaurs – “Eleven” (Yumeno Garden)
  13. The Town Heroes – “More” (Everything (will be fine when we get to where we think we’re going)
  14. Angry Angles – “Apparent Transparent” (Angry Angles)
  15. Cloves – “Bringing The House Down” (One Big Nothing)

You’ve got a lot of nerve when you’re trying to call me out but we both know very well you’re the one with the big mouth . . . lost some buttons to my overcoat pull your knife away from my throat she said, ‘smoke your cigarette, I hope you choke’ kissed my lips and quickly ran away


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