Tales From The Drop Box Episode 178 (2020-26) The Pandemic/BLM/Vote Trump Out/ Episodes

I cannot recall a time in modern history when the need for Americans to vote was so great so to avoid a continuous and persistent attack mounted against democracy by a sitting President of the United States of America. How is that for an opening sentence, eh?

N.B. Skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to read about threats to democracy…

What makes the threat so great? An express reservation by the occupant of the office of president against the peaceful transition of power following an election. Simply unimaginable. (See Trump Won’t Commit To A Peaceful Transition of Power.) has forever changed America and has exposed the deep fissures in American culture. As evidenced by the unwavering support of a minority (42%) of the electorate the division is I fear permanent. How do you explain a significant minority of the electorate continuing to support a corrupt and morally bankrupt individual whose massive and repeated failures in handling the Coronavirus pandemic as well as his numerous repeated lies about the non-lethality of the virus that has resulted in the death of more than 204,000 people in this country and counting? I can’t. If you know the answer to this fundamental question about the psyche of a people, let me know because I am truly baffled. So, vote as if your life depends upon the outcome because, regardless of the side of the democracy fence you are viewing this election, your life I fear depends on the outcome.

If you skipped the above paragraph like I warned you, then you can relax knowing that you will have no politics to distract you from joy. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 178 is all about love. But I should inform you of this fact: Threats to the peaceful transition of power following an election are fuel for revolution.

Speaking of revolutions, in case you haven’t noticed, the music this year is great! So, take a dip in the music pool, I think you’ll find the water is fine…

Here is what you will find in Episode 178:

  1. SUN – “Higher Fire” (Brutal Pop)
  2. Close Talker – “Pace” (How Do We Stay Here?)
  3. Junkbunny – “Another Summer Song” (Down The Rabbit Hole EP)
  4. Silverbacks – “Dunkirk” (Fad)
  5. Black Pumas – “Fire” (Black Pumas)
  6. Giant Rooks – “Heat Up” (Rookery)
  7. As Sirens Fall – We Go Down Together” (L’appel Du Vide, Pt 1 EP)
  8. All Them Witches – “Enemy Of My Enemy” (Nothing As The Ideal)
  9. The Magic Gang – “What Have You Got To Lose?” (Death Of The Party)
  10. Honey Joy – “Finally Home” (II)
  11. Be Well – “Tiny Little Pieces” (The Weight and the Cost)
  12. Go For Gold – “Forget About It” (Color Me)
  13. The Haddenfields – “Bars on Mars” (EP-Idemic)
  14. The Dicks – “Hate The Police” (Hate the Police 7′)
  15. Echo 2 Locate – “Woodlark” (Misery & Fools Among The Best of Us)
Tales From The Drop Box Episode 178 (2020-26)

Enemy of my enemy never been a friend of me keep my name from awful truth . . . Mommy, mommy, mommy look at your son you might have loved me but now I got a gun . . .


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