Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-12 (Episode 16)

Shaba-doo-be-doo kids! Another jam packed episode of exotica and esoterica packed into just about an hour. Some of this stuff has been playing in my head over the past several months just awaiting the right moment for me to spring it on you. A little more punk rock than usual, so play loud enough to irritate the dogs and other animals in your life.

As for the social commentary that I normally preface these podcasts with, there is really not much to say this week as most of the “important news” is consumed with the Ted Cruz-Trump comedy show. The already comical nature of the search for the right person to run for the nation’s most important job has devolved into spectacular allegations that Trump’s team planted a story in the National Enquirer – a titan of news journalism – that Cruz had multiple affairs during the couple’s marriage. Under the headlines “5 Romps That Will Destroy Ted Cruz! and “[b]ombshell dirt file includes sexing-closet claim” the Enquirer story sets out claims that Cruz is accomplished at the art of carnal knowledge.  I would have to say on the basis of my review of the article that Cruz is easily the most qualified Republican nominee for POTUS because of his open the “closet” door policy and  his apparent commitment to obtaining the “biggest bang for the smallest investment.” At least this “sex claims” issue has some substance of importance when balanced against the battle of the candidate’s wives. Trump’s spouse, Melania, is undeniably better looking than Heidi Cruz so this is a non-issue.  The debate on these important issues is revealing in choosing the Republican nominee for President because, like most of the lessons learned from the Republican debates, there is little substance to any of the potential candidates and at least on the alleged sex out of marriage policy predicament the Enquirer article shows Cruz to be a man of some substance.

Canada, be prepared. Under a Trump regime you could also have a beautiful wall running along your southern border – to keep Americans from fleeing to Canada. Regardless of your political affiliation, you’ve got to admit this is easily the weirdest political campaign ever run by national candidates in any election cycle.

Finally, I would be remiss in not mentioning the tragedy in Belgium last week. This tragedy, like the bombings in Paris and other large cities that have experienced these cowardly attacks by mentally disturbed zealots, compels an examination of the greatness of human resolve.  As tales of heroism in the wake of chaos are told these tales should remind us all that we are only captives to terror if we choose to let the unknown control the known. This is not to say that people should not take precautions and be prepared – they should. The heroism of the people acting bravely in the moment and the determination and strength of the people of France and Belgium in the aftermath have shown that a government of and for the people can restore confidence to a nation. Further, it is unmistakably true that it is the nation’s citizens that give a nation its strength and hope.

Perhaps one day the world won’t need heroes…


Here is what you’ll find in Episode #16:

  1. VanDeRocker – “Without The Light” (Jupiter’s Kiss)
  2. Electric Century – “Lately” (For the Night to Control)
  3. Pony Time – “Put You There” (Rumors)
  4. Minotaurs – “Stayed To Long” (Weird Waves)
  5. Purling Hiss – “Hey Tate” (Something EP)
  6. Lost In Society – “Generation Why” (Modern Illusion)
  7. The Money Pit – “Big Blue Waves” (The Money Pit)
  8. Mind Spiders – “Ulcer” (Prosthesis)
  9. Animal Teeth – “Trancendentist” (Happy To See You)
  10. Razz – “Turning Shadows” (With Your Hands We’ll Conquer)
  11. Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves – Rotations (No Anchor)
  12. The Sluts – “Be With You” (The Sluts)
  13. Nothing – “Vertigo Flowers” (Tired of Tomorrow)
  14. Residuels – “Valley of Fire” (Valley of Fire)
  15. Burnt Palms – “Be Mine” (Back On My Wall)

We’re the kids in this new generation and we have no clue…I clean up nice but not today.


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