Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-17 (Episode 21)

Episode 21 of Tales From the Dropbox is not about Prince. Although his death is mentioned, it is mentioned in this episode as a marker in time, i.e. as evidence of our own relative position in the space-time continuum. We measure time in relative terms such as trips around the sun, rotations of the earth, the distance between two points on a continuum, and by the births and deaths of persons in our lives who have some meaning beyond presence. Prince’s contributions to music are subject to the collective remembrances of how certain songs or performances resonated in the minds of those who bore witness to his gift. And such is the relevance for this podcast. Are the bands featured in each episode of Tales from the Dropbox any less important than Prince? While you are pondering this question, here are a few other important questions you can tussle with as you listen to this episode:

  1. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  2. Do we have free will?
  3. How do we know anything?
  4. What is consciousness?
  5. Why do we dream?
  6. Is justified true belief knowledge?
  7. If a man born blind is able to distinguish by touch between a cube and a globe is then made to see, could he now tell by sight which was the cube and which the globe, before he touched them?
  8. Is the color blue the same for all people i.e. is the perception of that particular color assigned by the mind?
  9. If there is good music and we believe the music is good, then is there a rational reason that good music is not played on radio to be admired by the masses other than the knowledge that good cannot occupy a place where evil exists? (The consequence of this assertion is reason for the existence of Tales From the Drop Box)

And the bonus question following Chris Paul’s injury last night:

  1. Will the Clippers ever win an NBA title? ( This one is easy, the real question is why?)

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #21:

  1. PVRIS – “Ghosts” (White Noise (Reissue))
  2. Admiral Freebee – “Kim Basinger” (Wake Up and Dream)
  3. Hot Panda – “Sam House” (Bad Pop)
  4. Locker 83 – “Heartbreak Kid” (Locker 83 EP)
  5. Milky Wimpshake – “Velvet Pants” (Velvet Pants EP)
  6. Tancred – “Bed Case” (Out Of the Garden)
  7. Relient K – “Look On Up” (Air For Free)
  8. Holy Fever – “The Wreckage” (The Wreckage)
  9. The Heavy – “The Apology” (Hurt & the Merciless)
  10. The Gotobeds – “New Dress (Debutante) (Bandcamp Track)
  11. Drinking Flowers – “Black Monday” (New Swirled Order)
  12. TinnedFruit – “Racecar” (Sad Party)
  13. Bauhaus – “Telegram Sam” (In The Flat Field)
  14. The Traditional Fools – “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” (Fools Gold (Reissue))
  15. Josie and the Pussycats – “Come On” (Music from the Motion Picture Josie and the Pussycats)

Wonder why I put a filter between beauty and my eye…


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