Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-18 (Episode 22)

Welcome to the 22nd episode of Tales from the Dropbox! I am taking a small break from writing a motion for judgment on the pleadings and thought that another episode of the only podcast that should matter (hopefully to those in my immediate family) was warranted after the expenditure of great mental energy this morning. This is a very pop punk oriented episode filled with a ton of terrific new releases all designed to get your feet moving as your toes tap to the beat.  I have always had a soft spot for this genre – I’m a fan of both pop music and punk rock and the delicate balance of pop and punk is difficult to achieve. I think you will find that the songs in this episode, mostly, achieve that delicate balance. And where they don’t, well, I still like those songs as well. As you will hear shortly, sometimes when the  balance is lost and the pop meanderings exceed the punk quotient, you end up with a load of sugary sweet pop that is ear candy. Great in small amounts!

As you might also have noticed, for the past couple of episodes, I have also dipped into the time machine to bring forth some under-experienced tunes from yesteryear.  I have continued the trend in  this episode to dig for more solid gold sonic awesomeness that everyone (no hyperbole) should listen to at least once!

Finally, I was going to rant about the state of music is in now in the U.S. of A. but I just read that there is an irrational interest in people attending “Oldchella” headlined by the R(eally)o ld)lling Stones with other geriatric acts Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, the Who, Roger Waters, and Neil Young at Coachella’s site, Empire Polo Field in Indio, California. Consequently, no need to rant. The war has ended. I’m now a little sad. I’ll get over it…I think.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #22:

  1. Shonen Knife – “Rock n’ Roll T-Shirt” (Adventure)
  2. American Hi-Fi – “Flavor of the Weak” (American Hi-Fi Acoustic)
  3. Rooney – “Time Alone” (Washed Away)
  4. We Are Scientists – “Buckle” (Helter Seltzer)
  5. Travis – “Paralysed” (Everything At Once)
  6. Say Yes – “You’re Mine” (Real Life, Trash Mag)
  7. The Summer Set – “Change Your Mind” (Stories For Monday)
  8. Walking on Cars – Always Be With You” (Everything This Way)
  9. Prism Tats – “Weird Guilt” (Prism Tats)
  10. Me Like Bees – “Changes” (There Will Be A Time EP)
  11. Air Traffic Controller – People Watching” (Black Box)
  12. Thief Club – “Jealous” (Just Give Up)
  13. Bishop Allen – “Start Again” (Lights Out)
  14. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – “Seven Days Too Long” (Searching for the Young Soul Rebels)
  15. Shivvers – “Teenline” (Lost Hits 79-82)

I’ll always be with you … you’re far from me… you people watch that’s all you do.


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