Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-42 (Episode 46)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 46 drops into your life without the fuss of other podcasts. Simple, clean, like the air I breathe…cough…cough…. It truly is about the music, though. Someone who listens to this show recently inquired as to whether the tracks played in each episode are “singles.” Great question. In my mind they are all singles – a single song highlighting the type of track you can expect to find on the LP.

The premise of the podcast is also I think fairly simple: to explore a bunch of terrific music from bands that are highly unlikely to be played on American commercial radio (with a few rare and notable exceptions). A good example of this philosophy is found in this episode as you will experience all 7 minutes and 13 seconds of Purling Hiss  which will never be played anywhere else I can reasonably assure you. More importantly, I believe that everyone should experience Purling Hiss and discover what a great band they are particularly if you are already familiar with Thee Oh Sees.

For me, the discovery of new music is exciting!  As a collector, I like to know about whether there is vinyl, special editions, and a little something about the band. I try each episode to “do it clean” (ed. note: sweet Echo & The Bunnymen reference) and focus only on the music and the artists. Any comedy is strictly unintentional.

So, if you have previously stumbled upon this blog and have hesitated about listening to an episode because you are unsure about what you will find within, rest assured I am remarkably consistent: I talk a little, play 15 songs in about an hour, and tell you who played them and where to find them. The music in each episode is a mix of pop, punk, electronic, soul, garage, alternative, psych, hardcore, and what is generally referred to indie (whatever that means to you) but not necessarily all of them, and in most shows I play a throwback track to the beginnings of the modern music explosion i.e. 1976-1982 or somewhere in between then and now. I like melody, I lean towards punk rock but I can fully appreciate a terrific pop song, and I like to mix it up. Try a listen..you’ll like it!

As for the show notes, most of my efforts deal with something that a truly attention deficit disordered individual can appreciate i.e. whatever captures my interest in the news, social policy, or the legal world at the precise moment I record the podcast. Lately it’s has all been political because I can’t escape it. However, believing that forewarned is forearmed, I do try to take a look at the issue from a new/altered/ perspective to challenge the conventional wisdom. Perhaps a Canadian perspective, eh?  I get that the shows are a little disjointed but I hope they are always interesting. For those listening – awesome. For those reading – terrific! For those doing both, I’m sorry.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #46:

  1. L7 – “Hanging on the Telephone” (Fast & Frightening)
  2. We Are Wolves – “Melting” (Wrong)
  3. Ages and Ages – “So Hazy” (Something To Ruin)
  4. Kaiser Chiefs – “Hole in my Soul” (Stay Together)
  5. There Is No Mountain – “Good Life” (Luna)
  6. Set It Off – “Tug of War” (Upside Down)
  7. Public Access T.V.  “In Our Blood” (Never Enough)
  8. A Day To Remember – “ Paranoia” (Bad Vibrations)
  9. The Decline – “Giving Up is A Gateway Drug” (Resister)
  10. Purling Hiss – Crocodile Tears” (Meandering Noodle)
  11. Chook Race – “Sometimes” (Around The House)
  12. The Slow Show – “This Time” (Dream Darling)
  13. Tiger Lou – “Homecoming #2” (The Wound Dresser)
  14. Japan – “Adolescent Sex” (Adolescent Sex)
  15. The Joy Formidable – “The Last Thing On My Mind (Acoustic)” (Sleep Is Day)

I miss that smile I had … I hate that smile I had…We had a good life…No more talk of war it’s time for me to let you go.


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