Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-43 (Episode 47)

Tales From The Drop Box mourns the loss of Resistor Records, my local record store. After almost three years, Sean and Ally shuttered they doors on their retail operation to begin a new adventure on October 31. I will miss hanging out in the store on my lunch breaks and trading jabs, barbs, and moments of lunacy all the while listening to selections of vinyl haphazardly selected as appropriate for the moment. Truly a sad day for me, but hopefully the start of a great adventure for both of them.

As for the social issue that regularly appears in these show notes, the WikiLeaks produced illegally obtained emails from the DNC’s and John Podesta’s accounts (which you can find here: DNC Emails and The Podesta Emails) raise the question as to whether the exchange of comment and opinion contained in correspondence authored by others and not meant to be public should reflect on the veracity and ability of a politician, in this case – the democratic party’s nominee for President aka Hillary?

With the release of a flood of emails in strategically timed releases, a story appeared today that should give Hillary pause in the last week of the campaign: Is Wikileaks About to Release Hillary’s 33,000 Deleted Emails? Kim Dotcom: Clinton in “serious trouble” with new info about to leak

The release of these emails may shed new light on the email scandal which has given Hillary and her campaign fits. Does it matter? Hillary has already acknowledged that she made mistakes, and that the intentionally deleted emails were not work related. While the contents may be personally embarrassing to Hillary, their destruction is not a crime. See Why Hillary Clinton Deleted 33,000 Emails on Her Private Email Server

A couple of important facts: Hillary did not read any of the emails on the server from which the emails were requested. Her legal team not only conducted the search of relevant emails and their production, but the legal team was responsible for the production of the relevant emails. As for the remaining emails which the legal team ( and consequently Hillary) believed were of a personal nature, these emails either deleted by Hillary in the ordinary course as almost all of us in the same situation are apt to do, or her legal team carried out the destruction on all emails not related to the request.

So why the continued flap over emails? If the deleted emails are produced as Kim Dotcom intimates will happen shortly, and none of those emails indicate a .gov or other work related extension, then there release will likely just confirm what we all know:

Hillary is a genetically predisposed politician possessing a gene which permits her to speak out of both sides of her mouth to accomplish a goal. This is consistent with the dictionary definition of a politician as “a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.” While these actions are morally indefensible, they are apparently the status quo for our political system and candidates who fail to recognize that achieving this skill and actively facilitating its development i.e. tell only the truth and be transparent about all issues – will fail.

This is not an excuse for morally reprehensible behavior. However, as this election cycle teaches, the ability to say one thing in what is “supposed” to be private communication and say another publicly is standard practice and has been since the first government was formed – anywhere. We are also unlikely to change the system which has a design flaw as it rewards people who lie easily and punishes those who only tell the truth and cannot “compromise” their ideals in order to achieve results.

What distinguishes Hillary from Donald is this: Hillary mostly speaks the truth and lies to press an advantage. Donald mostly tells lies and the truth is an anathema.

So, as we vote on November 8, we must each decide for ourselves which of the two morally deficient candidates is best suited to lead our country for the next four years. In my mind the decision is relatively easy:  I prefer the candidate who lies only about emails over the one who lies about every fckng thing.

Not sure how to describe Episode 47 but perhaps awkward is an apt description. Oh … and if you don’t like the F-word or other potentially inappropriate lyrics in your songs or there are tender ears listening to this episode, then perhaps skip tracks 10 (Hospital Job) and 12 (Bowling For Soup). You’ve been warned!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #47:

  1. Duchess Says – “I’m an Idea” (Sciences Nouvelles)
  2. Electric Six – “Greener Pastures” (Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres)
  3. The Broadcast – “Steamroller” (From The Horizon)
  4. Blaney feat. Mark E. Smith – “Rude All The Time” (Urban Nature)
  5. Wilco – “Someone to Lose” (Schmilco)
  6. Merchandise – “Lonesome Sound” (A Corpse Wired For Sound)
  7. All Get Out – “Chasing Skirt” (Nobody likes A Quitter)
  8. The Glazzies – “Paper Thin” (Kill Me Kindly)
  9. Earwig – “Badr Moon” (Pause For The Jets)
  10. Hospital Job – “Hey Hey” (Never Get Cold)
  11. Jacuzzi Boys – “Boys Like Blood” (Ping Pong)
  12. Bowling For Soup – “Shit To Do” (Drunk Dynasty)
  13. Mowgli’s – “Automatic” (Where’d Your Weekend Go?)
  14. Sonic Avenues – “Dancing In The Sun” (Disconnector)
  15. Gurr – “Rollerskate” (In My Head)

It wasn’t love she was putting me on I went further down . . . I’ve got sh*t to do.


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