Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-44 (Episode 48)

Tales From The Drop Box is still in shock. I am compelled to acknowledge that an avowed racist, misogynist, sexist, tax avoiding, lying, pussy grabbing hypocrite is the leader of the free world and his election reflects the will of slightly less than 50% of the voting public’s view that he is the best person to lead our country.

Not a proud moment in our history.

So, in the spirit of positive reflection: Trump’s election was truly a test of our democracy and his election confirms that the process, for all of its flaws (e.g. the electoral college myth) shows that anyone can be elected. In the same spirit as Trump’s name-calling campaign, we should all now hail him President Scumbag.

It is not the end of the world. It just feels like it.

On a sad note, the news just broke that Leonard Cohen passed away at age 82.  You likely have heard covers of his most famous song “Hallelujah,” which he wrote in 1984, but for me, the introduction took place through the song “Suzanne” which is the most covered song in Cohen’s catalogue. I discovered it during my college years as I was experimenting with a wide variety of sounds during that period. Cohen, from Canada, was a diamond who will be missed.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #48:

  1. The Ettes – “Dead and Gone” (Shake the Dust (10th Anniversary Edition))
  2. Tango in the Attic – “Leftside” (Bank Place Locomotive Society)
  3. Taking Back Sunday – “Call Come Running” (Tidal Wave)
  4. The Record Play – “Get Well” (Second Year)
  5. Famp  “In Love With A Feeling” (Exist)
  6. Black Honey – “Hello Today” (Hello Today EP)
  7. Mannequin Pussy – “ Meatslave One” (Romantic)
  8. Out Came The Wolves – “Queen Mary” (Strange Fate)
  9. Crocodiles – “Jumping on Angels” (Dreamless)
  10. Terry Malts – “It’s Not Me” (Lost At The Party)
  11. Spirit Club – “Fast Ice” (Slouch)
  12. Celeb Car Crash – “Because I’m Sad” (People Are The Best Show)
  13. Pixies – “All I Think About Now” (Head Carrier)
  14. CRX –  “Walls” (New Skin)
  15. Nancy Pants – “Take” (Vol. 27 EP)

Hey you could call on me I’d come running . . . you say I’m too much of a distraction and although we can’t agree you know we had something so we drink we drink so we don’t have to face one another…


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